What do you do with lemons?

Make lemonade!

I’m a business coach who takes my work seriously. I accept the responsibilities of my role as your guide, your Sherpa on the path to creating a law practice that fits you and practically runs itself.

Paying attention to your finances is a big part of being able to afford to outsource and delegate to a remote team. Sometimes being financially responsible demands sacrifices, other times it requires ingenuity.

Break out the creativity!!

You see, my coach Julie Gordon White, teaches women business owners how to scale their businesses to a million dollars. I call Julie the Sun because everything she touches grows.

My goal is to scale up to and sell a two million dollar business

Sounds impossible, right. Not according to Forbes magazine which reports a rise in ‘non-employer firms’, one person businesses. In fact, professional service firms we the second highest in the retail category of $1-2.49 range. The goal is doable with the right coaching!

I was there with Julie as she launched the very first Symposia. The energy in the room was literally breath-taking. Julie had assembled some of the brightest women entrepreneurs to share their path. I learned a ton. image of Julie Gordon White

Life kept me away from the last few events. But, Julie is hosting her 5th annual Symposia this month and I want to be part of her ‘It’s Your Turn Mastermind’.

Originally, I talked myself out of attending the event with a lot of excuses….

I needed to focus on the Intentional Lawyer Club.
I wasn’t ready to showcase my work in front of such high caliber women entrepreneurs.
I was still developing my messaging.
I couldn’t afford it since I didn’t budget for it last year.

Sound familiar? You’ve probably made some of the same excuses. Reading the 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins got me past the excuses. I really loved the book because

1. Mel calls bullshit
2. Mel is very real and funny
3. Mel’s rule works

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she’s a lawyer LOL
I decided to go and committed to action– the very first step in designing what you want your life to become.

But what about the budget? I’m not blowing my budget. Instead, I’m having a WIN-WIN Sale.

I Win, You Win!

You win. I win. We both get something we want based on classic interest-based negotiation techniques. The mediator in me loves when things work out well for everyone.

I win because attending the conference will inspire me and provide new information, tools, connections and strategies to move toward that 7 figure event.

You win because you will share in every bit of goodness that I learn from a woman who ran a multi-million dollar business brokerage firm. Julie definitely knows how to develop a business that is profitable now and saleable later.

You get the insights without having to attend yourself or pay the tuition. And you get my take on how to make scaling work for you- Nice!

Maria Bermudez, Esq

I knew what I wanted to do but lacked the confidence and clarity to make them into real, practical business services.  But Dina changed that!  She helped me identify the areas of my experience and legal knowledge that will provide real value for my business clients.  I cannot thank Dina enough for her time and support.  Don’t wait to schedule your call with her.  You will feel much better about the direction of your business going forward.

How to Win?

You win by scheduling a Consult with me at 50% off my 2018 rate.

This Consult is a real working session where act as your sounding board. You can bounce ideas off of me and I’ll share my thoughts and the best ways to validate it.

I act as your mirror, reflecting back your interests, goals and needs so you get clear on what you want. Then, I help you bring your vision to life with the right resources, tools and team.

You leave with clarity, confidence and a roadmap for next steps.

Ready? Schedule here!

A big experiment

Of course, this is a big experiment. I’m curious to see what happens when with the best intentions I make myself vulnerable, ask for what I want, and go public with that.

My hypothesis is that because I am willing to step way outside my comfort zone and quiet my fears that will inspire you to help me and do something brave, too.

I’ll feel so proud to represent you at Symposia 2018 if the sale comes in. I won’t die if I don’t succeed. I still win. As Mel says the power is in the action, not the outcome.

I just had the most amazing coaching session with Dina Eisenberg! Although I had some great ideas, she further refined them to be more effective marketing and educational tools. She also helped me focus on my next step. However, what she did today that was amazing is that she reminded me why I started the firm and breathed new gusto into me when I needed it the most. 

Sherry Hechanoca
Sherry Hechanova, Esq

Schedule your Half-price Consult now.


Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of OutsourceEasier.com, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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