Most lawyers struggle with leveraging their time effectively. They are crazy busy, working 24/7 but still not enjoying an increase in sales or revenue and it’s really frustrating.

Problem is, these people mistakenly believe that because their business isn’t making the money they want right now they HAVE to save money by doing everything themselves. Because everyone knows the right thing to do is to save money when you’re not making any, right?


That faulty thinking is what I call a poor  ‘mine’ set. All tasks are mine to do. They believe that if they don’t do a project themselves, it won’t be done right.  They believe that that getting help is a luxury, an expense, they can’t afford.

These noble but incorrect beliefs lead to the failure of thousands of small businesses, especially solo lawyers and small law firms under 20 people.

The truth is, outsourcing works. It works incredibly well when you are doing it right.

Listen in on the radio interview with Brian Cohen of, as I share why outsourcing doesn’t work and the 3 steps to outsourcing effectively so that you can cash in on your newly found time.  

Tell us in the comments what your AHA moment or insight was so we can all be inspired!

Run time: 33 minutes


  • Outsourcing even your creativity is the business
  • How to pick the right teammates
  • How to re-invest your newly found time so outsourcing makes you money instead of costing you
  • What happens when you are not prepared and life strikes



Listening and taking notes can get challenging.  As special thanks for coming by, I created a checklist for you that outlines the 3 steps to outsourcing effectively.




Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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