Half a billion viewers are watching video on Facebook right now.  No doubt that some of those viewers are potential clients for you, dear lawyer.  Are you doing video marketing?  Effectively? Seriously….

There is no faster marketing method to connect with potential clients and build trust than video. Sometimes as lawyers we forget that trust is super important in a good client relationship and take it for granted. Big mistake.

<h2>Lawyer, build your connection through video</h2>

Sixty-five percent of consumers start their search for a lawyer online.

We all have what I call trust triggers, signals that tell us to trust the person or situation. Why would you leave your car a $30k investment with a total stranger? Because he has the jacket and is standing in front of the podium at the restaurant next to the pegboard of keys.  He hit all your trust triggers because you’ve valet parked before.

In America, we are big on visual trust triggers. We say ‘seeing is believing’.  Or, more recently, ‘it didn’t happen if there’s no picture’.   We need to see to trust.

That’s why lawyer videos are especially important for lead generation. Clients want to see and hear you first before they begin to trust you.

Video allows you to connect at a deeper level with your ideal best client than a simple picture on your website. Your ideal best client will hear your voice, see your smile, and hopefully relate to your tiny show of nervousness on the screen.  That potential client will know within 1 second, just by looking, whether he trusts you or not.

<h2>DIY vs Done for You Video</h2>

I’m gonna be transparent with you (always my goal).  I didn’t want to do video. The idea of being that visible, that exposed, brought up lost of childhood memories of bullying. The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.

But eventually, curiosity and technology convinced me to try. I was an early adopter of Blab.  Blab was a social network that allowed users to have live video conversations.  It was genius. I loved it immediately because it was spontaneous and had a spirit of informality and improvisation that made it easy to jump right in.

I did a weekly show called Blabpreneur before the social network closed.  Here’s an interview I did with Mary Hughes, an attorney who did my LLC through Upcounsel.




A little dicey but not too bad for my early attempts. It’s possible and fairly easy to DIY your video these days.  You have coaches like Nicole Abboud of Abboud Media ( we’re on the video marketing panel together at GPSolo spring meeting in NOLA. Come say hi!).  There’s also Emmy Wu of Emmy Wu Media, who you can find on Facebook. I love her laid-back approach to video that’s backed by her journalistic experience.

I like DIY video as a tool to get you comfortable with being on camera and using the tools. But at a certain point, DIY has diminishing returns.

Sadly though, people equate the quality of the video with the quality of your law business.  Clients might think you’re not a great lawyer just because you’re not a great video maker.

That’s why I connected with Montina Portis of CIA Media Group for help.  Montina has produced over 500 videos for her lawyer clients and I really appreciate her approach to video marketing for lawyers.

I invited her to join me in the Club for a FB livestream.  We had a terrific and detailed conversation, where I asked the hard questions I know you want the answers to.

Watch now to discover

the 5 videos every lawyer needs

where you want to distribute your videos 

what’s up with the ethics of lawyer videos




Did you get inspired to try video marketing? What other questions do you have?


You can reach out to Montina  to Book a Call









Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of OutsourceEasier.com, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

    2 replies to "Mastering Video Marketing in your law business with Montina Portis"

    • Montina Portis

      Dina, thank you for giving me an opportunity to share video marketing tips with your community. Being distinctive is key and the days of word of mouth referrals are long gone. Attorneys that want to attract their best clients, generate more referrals and get found online must use videos to market their Firms.

      • DLE

        I am thrilled to share your video marketing expertise with my readers who are actively trying to scale their law businesses. Thank you for joining us in the Intentional Lawyer Club.

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