Have you been to Starbucks lately?  Of course, you have.  Just about everyone wants their coffee their way these days.  What does that have to do with legal marketing and your law practice?  Plenty.  You can build a niche law practice using video.

Lawyer, you need to niche practice

Having a niche law practice makes it so much easier to reach your target market and help them become aware of you in an effective way. (That’s my definition of marketing, by the way.  Helping your potential client become aware of you and how you can help them).

Legal marketing is really confusing today. There are so many options to choose from that, frankly, it’s overwhelming.  It’s almost easier to do nothing.  I said almost.

Niche marketing allows your client to pick you out of the bunch.  People want expert advice that’s personalized for their specific situation (hello, Starbucks).  They don’t want a family lawyer or an estate planning lawyer.

Clients want a family lawyer who specializes in father parenting rights (don’t use visitation, that’s old school).  They want an estate planning lawyer who can help them how to structure their affairs to deal with multiple family arrangement like blending two families (or more).

Clients will pay more and be better behaved when dealing with the recognized expert.  Think about it.  When I was diagnosed with MS, I didn’t want to work with my general practitioner.  I reached out to work with the best MS doc in the nation. That gave me access to studies and medicine that the average Joe didn’t even know about. Your clients want that same edge when dealing with their legal problems.

Check this out from the 2018 Legal Trends report from Clio

51% of client expect to feel relief when working with a lawyer.  That’s the same kind of relief they feel when working with a specialist or expert.

What clients want most from lawyers
2018 Legal Trends Report, Clio

Be the expert for your clients

Use video to position yourself as the trusted expert

That’s why I suggest hitting the easy button and using video to promote.  Video very quickly helps your potential clients to:

  • See who you are (seeing is believing, right?)
  • Hear your voice (how intimate)
  • See if you are relatable ( we like people who are like us)
  • Decide if you are the right person to solve their legal problem

Video allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and your relatability in one go!  You probably agree but might be wondering, how do I do that without a hassle?   I hear ya.  Recording video can be tough.  Either you use an expert (see there’s that word again) or DIY and both options have issues.

Video marketing can be expensive.  Firms like Crisp video are pricey. I visited their booth at Lawynomics and was floored by the cost. But if you have the cash and want to be hands-off and still get great quality video with marketing guidance, then firms like CIA Group are the way to go.

DIY is expensive but in a different way.  You need to spend your own time to do the work.  Your billable time is better spent with clients.  Also, my guess is that you didn’t go to film school before law school, right?  That means the content and look of your videos won’t truly represent how great you are.

Try Soapbox from Wistia

Happily, there is another option.  More than DIY but less than having a professional film crew, Soapbox makes your videos easy to produce.  More importantly, Soapbox makes it easy for you to gather data to make your marketing more effective.  Gotta love data, right?

I love how much help Soapbox gives you.  You won’t be stumbling around YT trying to figure out how to shoot outsource or DIY a teleprompter.  Just check their tutorials.  You can publish to just about any platform, including your email system. I’m sad they don’t integrate to Convertkit yet. But there must be a Zap for that (I hope).

I plan to sign up for the free account.  I want to test using a video pitch for speaking engagements.   Try Soapbox What are you gonna use Soapbox for?  Hit me up in the comments.

Oh, and if you want to learn more about building a niche practice. You definitely want to check out my intensive, Design Your Law Practice.  Get updates about the dates for the first Intensive here.


Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of OutsourceEasier.com, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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