I love Twitter.  It’s fun and a great way to have conversation and get to know people.  Particularly the people who populate the world  of your legal or nurse business like your clients, colleagues, influencers and organizations.

Twitter is also an amazing listening tool for entrepreneurs.  Yup, I said listening, which is the most underrated business skill there is. When you are a billionaire and you write about your business beginnings you can choose wherever you want to start. No one is gonna tell you no.  Sir Richard Branson attributes much of his success to being a good listener.  Hello.

Twitter will let you ‘listen in’ on conversations that you would not have access to otherwise.  For example, Twitter has become THE place to get immediate customer support. A quick tweet does the trick with most brands. Want to do better than your competitor? Monitor their support tweets and top them.

[One quick thing- I don’t believe in competition.  As Pink says in the song, Fire, ‘nobody can do me like me’.]

How can you stay on topic of tens of topics without wasting massive amounts of time?  Good question.

Twitter Lists

A Twitter list is a list of people interested in the same issue, topic or group.  I consider TL to be an advanced user technique for managing your social media.  When you batch your peeps by topic/interest then you have easy access for questions, promotions and intelligence gathering.

I’ve been meaning to do this and now I’m determined to get it done.  My audience is pretty niche (licensed professionals like nurses, lawyers, therapists and CPAs) so just monitoring twitter in general doesn’t work so well for me.  I have to target.

Normally that means I identify ten influencers in the space to connect with and build relationships with.  I like this method because I like getting to know a handful to folks well and it organically leads to more connections.

My next step is to determine if any of my ten have created twitter lists.  If so, jackpot! Now, you have a curated list of the best people to follow on that topic.  Your search time is shortened considerably when you use twitter lists.

How can you use Twitter Lists?

Boy, I wish I’d been using lists from my first day on Twitter. That’s why I want you to get started right now.  You’ll want a list for peers, clients, influencers, prospects to start.  I can also see using topic based lists to stay current on trends and news. You also want to get added to twitter lists for your key topic.  For instance I recently got added to a list for nurses and another for self-care promoters.  I know because Twitter tells me when I’ve been added.  It’s good form to thank the person and start that relationship!

It’s probably no surprise that I’m geeky.  As a geek, I love brain science and the science of buying.  You already know that we buy based on emotion and justify with rational reasons.  But did you know there are buying styles?  Yep.

Someone who has a buying style of association likes to see who else is connected to or recommends you before purchasing.  Having a lot of related, connected twitter followers is a powerful endorsement for that type of buyer.  You get a reflected trust that makes introductions and conversations much easier.

While prepping this article, I came across a great resource on Attorneys at Work to share.  Have a read if you want to try Twitter lists for your nurse or legal business.

Are you already using twitter lists?  Do you have a system? Spill in the comment so we can all learn!

You’re welcome to get my guide, 12 Twitter Lists to Use in your Nurse or Legal Business


Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of OutsourceEasier.com, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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