Staff Onboarding Training Intensive + Course

Stop stressing over your staff.

Get help

Discover the techniques to onboarding a smart, trustworthy team that gets the way you work and gets the work done- no hassles or drama!

Say Buh-Bye to Never-Ending Work!!

Lawyering is hard. It feels like work never ends.

You love what you do and you knew it was gonna be hard work to grow your small law firm but not this hard!  You have staff, but....

You're micromanaging your staff because things have got to be right...

You've been through 2, 3, 5 new employees in the recent past and you don't know why you keep getting the duds.

Your practice is blowing up and you need more reliable staff to keep up.

You don't know what to do because when you give an inch, they take the whole, darn yard!

You're juggling, doing, running until it dawns on're super tired and can't keep this up much longer.

Stop the madness!  Get a step-by-step onboarding plan for introducing your law firm to new hires!


  • Fix the problems!
  • See your dream practice become real
  • Easily grow your law practice on your terms
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that come with having  a trustworthy team who supports your goals!



Only 10 seats available so you get the personal attention you deserve!

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how to onboard your legal staff

During the Quickstart Live Intensive, you'll learn...


  • The best way to get commitment and loyalty from your team
  • Proven systems to ensure that your new team knows how to do their job
  • Tools that answer those new hire questions without wasting your time or patience
  • Proven strategies that allow you to trust your team & for them to trust you
  • Best practices for orientation and onboarding for the first 30 days
  • Your own CUSTOM Law Firm Legend, Orientation Plan and Onboarding Program

During the bi-weekly trainings, you'll get...


  • 7 Weekly live trainings so you stay accountable & motivated to finish
  • Proven systems to ensure that your new team knows how to do their job
  • Access to my expert advice so you progress quickly without getting stumped by questions
  • A community of like-minded lawyers to connect with and be inspired by

Face it. Law school did not teach you how to run a business or prepare you to train a team.

As an Ombudsman with a background in organization development and conflict management, I've taught many law firm owners, like you,  how to step into the CEO mindset and develop a workplace that's organized, efficient and uses team as a profit center.

I get it. You're busy and training is not on your priority list.

But if you make the time and invest in your own training, here's what you get:

  • Your well-trained team frees up your billable hours
  • Your firm is more organized & efficient so you're a better value for clients
  • Your new hire gets up to speed faster and starts billing sooner
  • You finally have the time (and energy) to explore the gazillion ideas you for growth

Of course, you don't have to change a thing. You can continue to do exactly what you're doing now. But what will happen if you don't change??

If you're thinking, who has the money for all that?  You're not thinking like a CEO or far enough into the future.

Training your teammates right increases your ability to handle more clients, bill more and have a bigger impact! The investment costs less than the expense of hiring new help and comes back to you tenfold.


What you'll take away from training...

  • Module 01: Discover the Sovereign Nation of YOU
  • Module 02: Create your Law firm Legend.
  • Module 03: Develop your new hire avatar.
  • Module 04: Develop a remarkable, meaningful Orientation Plan
  • Module 05: Craft an effective 30 Day Onboarding Calendar
  • Module 06: Get group training sessions for 6-8 weeks
  • Access to the Online Course Materials for continued learning and reference
  • NOTE: This is a 3 hour interactive group training experience via Zoom PLUS an Online course!

What's included...

  • Quick to watch video tutorials and audios
  • Actionable Guides and worksheets that walk you step-by-step
  • Resource List of helpful digital tools and software that makes onboarding easy
  • Inspiration & Accountability from your Intensive partner

Practice-changing training you won't find elsewhere!

Who is this training for?

This Intensive is perfect for you if you are...

  • A Small or Midsized Law Firm Owner
  • A Solo Lawyer who just hired or is planning to hire soon
  • A Lawyer who has trouble retaining good employees
  • A Lawyer who wants a repeatable system & better functioning team!

The 3 hour Intensive starts on SATURDAY AUGUST 24     9am to 12n  PACIFIC

Bi-weekly group trainings that combine teaching and implementation start July 25th


What's the investment? 

For a half-day Intensive, online video course, 6-8 bi-weekly training calls, workbooks and resource guides and personal coaching, your investment is $3500.

Get started and hold your seat for just $875  Then, just three additional payments of $875.

Do the math! If you hire and onboard a great paralegal who you love for $35/hr, bill her at $150, and she works 15 hours a week-- you're up $1725!

You make $6900 from one employee every month she works for you.  Your training is paid off and you gained $3400. (nice vacation fund, huh?)

Already in another program?

I get it but let me ask you this. Are they focusing on general information to run your business or specializing in teaching you how to drive your growth using onboarding strategies?  Are you part of a large group or are you getting individual attention for your specific questions and challenges?

Don't have the time?

If you don't have the time to work on your business now, when will you have time?  What will your practice be like 3 months or 6 months from now if you don't get your staffing under control? How many clients will you miss out on?

Ask yourself: am I waiting for a real reason or because I don't know if this will work for me?


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Who is teaching this innovative training?

Dina Eisenberg Esq
Outsourcing & Onboarding Queen

Hey! I'm Dina, former prosecutor turned Ombudsman turned award-winning entrepreneur. I'm on a mission to help women lawyers, particularly women of color, to earn more, work less and feel joyful in their law practice.

I bring a unique blend of skills & experience (leadership, organizational development, conflict management, emotional intelligence) to my work helping lawyers like you to step into your power, gain confidence and lead teams who are dedicated to your success.  I see this as my part in changing the world.  When you grow and succeed, the world becomes a better place.

Maria E. Bermudez Esq

I scheduled a consultation with Dina after learning about her coaching services through an online group for lawyers.  Talking to her was one of the best things I could do for my new business!

Elizabeth A. Smith Esq

Thanks Dina for an enlightening call today - having the ability to talk through the issues I’m tackling - so helpful. You didn’t let me side step things - listened - really listened - and helped me define my roadmap to achieve the practice I want  and the life I want to reclaim.