Do you believe in your abilities?

A strange question to ask smart people who passed the bar but we all get imposter syndrome, right?

That got me thinking 🤔

What if your resistance to getting a paralegal and your desire to do all the work yourself, is really an unconscious, elaborate way of protecting yourself from failure as a lawyer?

Go with me. If you are doing all the things…

Drafting, billing, calendaring, closing files, AR follow-up, filling, legal research, filing receipts, getting records, watching online reviews, correspondence, social media, marketing, administration.

Does that all have to be done by you? Or, is the belief that you do actually a self-sabotaging behavior that makes you feel bad in the short term and prevent you from reaching your biggest goals?

“I’m too busy to think.”

woman in cafe

How many times have you said that this year?

That thought excuses you from being accountable. If you don’t have time to think, how could you possibly make plans for the future and execute them? Think back on how many opportunities you missed this year because you were too busy.

No shade or judgment. I’ve been there. I’m still here with you. Rebranding my business is exciting but also pretty scary. People know me for delegation. However, my impact expanded beyond that to include onboarding, leadership mentoring and Ombudsman services.

I’ve trotted out all my SSB’s: buying audiobooks and courses; having amazing new product ideas, and housework. Yes, I stress clean. The oven is calling my name!

Knowing my negative patterns helps me recognize when I’ve fallen into one and to choose to stop or negotiate a temporary cease-fire.

What makes Train your Perfect Paralegal unique is that you get the opportunity to identify your own negative patterns, understand why you formed them and find a more productive way to cope. You figure out how to be your authentic self as a leader rather than being bullied by your unconscious.

Nothing changes until you do.

Dina Eisenberg

If you’re ready to grow (you & your law firm) and want a great paralegal who is aligned with your values & ethics to help you do it, let’s talk.

I’d be delighted to share my insights and knowledge at my signature group program for Lawyers…

Train your Perfect Paralegal

  • Build a law practice that suits you so you can focus on serving
  • Find the right people to hire so you’re not constantly rehiring
  • Set clear expectations so your firm practically runs itself.

Your team makes you unstoppable!!

Attracting clients is super important for your firm but so is having a smart, caring team of paralegals who can support you in providing the very best service to all your clients.

You can do everything yourself but please don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re doing it well. Or with ease. Or, happily. Adding a paralegal or two to your office, whether in-person or remotely, is good for your law practice and you!

Onboarding and training the right paralegal for you makes life easier

I’m teaching a small group of success-minded lawyers how to onboard and train their next paralegal.

Yes, you get resources to automate and systematize your training and knowledge transfer but the true value in TYPP is the mindset shift you get.

You give yourself permission to practice the way you want with people you trust.

That’s truly believing in yourself.

Ready for more peace, more joy and more money in 2020? Then, you might be ready. Apply to join Train your Perfect Paralegal.

TYPP isn’t for every lawyer. Action-takers with vision and a can-do attitude get the best results.

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Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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