When you have a great team life is good.

One of my most important teammates is Jessica Dornieden who is the bee’s knees when it comes to #Convertkit

Jess helped me begin to take advantage of the awesome power of Convertkit to segment and get engagement from my mailing list. Sometimes, there’s a gap where you see the potential but you can’t quite see how to access it. That was my issue with Convertkit.

Initially I set up the forms and sequences with an idea of customizing the email experience. Good try but my process was clumsy. I constantly worried whether things were actually happening correctly.Did that email go out? Did the automation rule work? Stressful.

Consequently, I kinda put email on the back burner, which is dumb because it remains the #1 way to engage.

Eventually, I pulled up my big girl panties and asked for help to fix it. I’m not just a delegation coach, I’m a resistant entrepreneur, too ( said in Hair Club for men style)

Jess to the rescue! She evaluated my CK backend, forms, sequences and tags and gave me excellent, actionable feedback without making me feel dumb.

A visual learner like me, Jess provided two visual tools to engage me in learning how to use CK better for my purposes.

I have a clear plan of what to fix and which are the priority items, which makes me feel empowered to do the most important ones right now. Success favors inspired action and speed!

What I loved most about work with Jessica is that she enrolled herself as part of my team, offering suggestions and encouragement beyond the scope of the engagement.

I consider Jessica to be a prime example of a smart, caring team member, the kind I’m always yammering about. Through her actions and words, she demonstrated:

quiet confidence in her craft
an understanding of my issues and strengths
an understanding of my business
a willingness to participate in my growth
emotional intelligence
shared values

Clearly, I feel incredibly smart for seeing Jess for the gem she is and accepting her help. Yep, it’s a two-parter. Ask for help. Accept the help. Things work out best when you can do both I discovered!

I mention this for a couple of reasons.

One, when you find a jewel, a girl wants to show it off a bit. I’m excited to share Jessica with you if you were considering Convertkit or have it and want to use it more effectively. The girl’s got skillz!

Two, a picture is worth 1000 words and a great example even more. Now, there’s a face and personality attached to my idea of ‘smart, caring team’ that hopefully you can identify with.

Knowing that Jess is my partner on the email front fills me with incredibly confidence about 2017. #Iplantoslay THAT’S the JOY of the right teammate and I want that for you, too.

Three, this is my way of sharing an example of what I do as an outsourcing strategist and delegation coach. I look at you, your business and your goals and help you clarify what’s important for you to do and what to give away. How to get comfortable (or at lease make friends) with giving up control in exchange for more value in a gently way.

Like Jess, I enroll myself as your partner to guide, encourage and recommend inspired action. Honestly though, my most valuable service is listening. I give you a place to be safe, be heard and get answers. If that sounds good, let’s talk.


Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of OutsourceEasier.com, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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