It takes too long to explain is one of the three big lies that entrepreneurs tell themselves.  You’ve said it. I’ve thought it plenty of times. But like with all lies the truth eventually comes to light.  What is that truth?

The truth is that you can explain exactly what to do to your teammates with one tool and 5 minutes.

Yup,  delegating to your team no longer has to be a dreaded chore.  It can actually be productive and fun. Here’s how.

Outsourcing done right

Speaking to groups I often meet women who tell me that outsourcing sucks.   I can nail down the cause after only a few minutes of chatting.  The problem is, they jumped ahead to the third step in outsourcing, skipping those critical two early processes.  They went straight to hiring without doing any calibration.  You know, calibration is  lining things up so they actually work better.

First step in the calibration process  is deciding which are the best, most relevant projects to outsource. We’ll pick that up in another post. For now, l want to focus on the second part of calibration, which is process creation.

Everyone skips the process creation part, the bit where you create a story around the things you do in your business.  I call it your Legend. Legends are a fun way to capture your values, philosophy and procedures for the teammates you bring into your business and as a reference for you.  You’re busy. You forget the why and what sometimes but your Legend is there to remind you.

A Project Legend tells whoever is doing the project (you or a teammate) how to proceed, step-by-step.  I also like to include a why and because statement in my Legends. That provides a lovely continuity of thought and sets the teammate up to make good decisions if I’m not available.  You can write your Legend, and I strongly suggest that you do, but you can also record them.


Talking beat writing

Massachusetts politician, Martin Lomasney, coined a phrase that every lawyer knows well,

Never write if you can speak; never speak if you can nod; never nod if you can wink

Check out the first part, never write if you can speak.  That’s interesting to you as a solopreneur because speaking your instructions is way faster than writing them down. And, I believe the quality of your interaction is better when you record because the listener can glean additional information and perceptions like your tone or feelings about the project.


How to Record your Instructions (Legend)

You won’t need any fancy schmancy software for this, thank goodness.  Here are tools that are readily available for recording your video process manual, your Legend.

Tools I’ve Used

  1. iPhone- built-in video camera works great
  2. Quicktime- available for free on your Mac
  3. Skype- Call Recorder or Pamela allow you to record audio and video calls
  4. capture software online.


Take two second before you start to bullet point 4 important messages that you want to get across. Don’t wing it; you’ll forget something import.   Feeling badass?  Create your own template in Word for your Process Legends so you consistently cover the same information.


Take Action!

Grab my tipsheet, 10 Tips to Writing your Business Legend, great for writing your Legend or creating a fast script for your process manual video!

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Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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