Grow your law practice without burnout in way less time!


During your Virtual VIP Day with Dina

You are powerful and you deserve to have the law practice and life you truly want. And, I'm here to help you get it during your VIP Day with me.

DIna Eisenberg, Esq Outsourcing Queen

This is for you if...

You want more meaning, more money and more freedom from your law practice

You're frustrated because your practice has great potential but you lack a plan or time to develop one

You hit an income plateau and can't think how to move past it

You're not sure what to do first, or how, and you worry about making a mistake


ONLY 10 seats 


Registration ends 3/22

Here's how registration works. You and I will have a brief, free call.  We'll talk about your goals and make sure this program is a good fit for you. Then, you'll get the payment link and begin your journey.


The benefits of your VIP Day are long lasting


  • Opportunity to interact with and learn from other like-minded attorneys
  • Unleash your creativity: birth new ideas and clarify old ones
  • Release mindset issues and beliefs that hold you back
  • Streamline your workflow so you can practice law and have a life
  • 2x your monthly income by making small tweaks


Instead of taking weeks, you’ll get into inspired action in just a few hours!

The Virtual VIP Day is designed for lawyers who want to get personalized attention to uplevel their business efficiency ,marketing strategies and monthly revenues with the support and guidance of an expert coach and the encouragement of a small community.

  • Where do you want to take your law practice this year?
  • How to automate your workflow so things run smoothly
  • What is your sweet spot in your ideal market?
  • How do you create a system where you regularly get paid without chasing the money?


A VIP Day is 4.5 uninterrupted hours of focus on your vision, systems and implementation with the goal of creating an actionable plan to improve and automate your workflow in  the next 60 days.

What do you get?

Along with a boatload of clarity and confidence, this is what is included in your virtual VIP Day:

  • 4+ hours of customized coaching via Zoom meeting
  • A review of your current client avatar and plan to attract your ideal best client
  • An evaluation of your intake process and plan to outsource it effectively
  • A review of your payment system and plan to set payment expectations and follow up procedures
  • Access to expert advice on outsourcing and delegation along with automation and freelance resources
  • Inspiration and networking with 9 other entrepreneurial lawyers
  • Recording of the session for reference (only for those in attendance)
  • An invitation to the  group Q&A call 10 days after VIP Day
  • ***Opportunity for HOT Seat coaching (1 spot)


Want more personalized attention?  Join at the VIP Gold level and get 2 private Accountability Calls after the VIP Day

YES! I'm Ready To Work the Way I Want!

REGISTER Only 10 Seats available

Compelling Vision + Caring Community + Expert Advice =

Lasting Success!


Registration ends 3/22

Here's how registration works. You and I will have a brief, free call.  We'll talk about your goals and make sure this program is a good fit for you. Then, you'll get the payment link and begin your journey.

Why am I hosting this VIP Day?  


I’ve been where you’re at.  The confusion about how to move ahead. The frustration at not having time to focus or do anything. The fear that you may not have what it takes to fulfill your potential. The heart-felt wish for someone to say , ‘You got this. Things will work out. Try this’ The need for a truthful sounding board who doesn’t put up with BS.   

I know what it’s like to want mentoring and guidance from someone who has ‘been there, done that’ and lived happily ever after. I've helped hundreds of people find the right solution for them, including one lawyer who took her income from 5 figures to 6 figures in one month with the right team.

So, I decided to make this VIP Day available because lawyers need a safe, encouraging space to think and grow.

Why does a VIP Day makes financial sense for you?


  The investment pays for itself almost immediately by plugging the billable hour leaks you currently have in your intake, communication and payment systems

The billable hours (and peace of mind) you’ll gain when you bring on team pays for your VIP Day

You can apply the strategies, tactics and tools again and again to benefit year after year!

It’s time to invest in yourself.   If you were going to make it to the next level alone, you’d be there. The very best in the world have coaches (Hello, Serena)

Do the math. You spend 5 hours week doing non-billable work like doing your own social media. You're losing at least $1335 a week! That's $5340  lost each month.

Think about the additional non-billable time you spend on intakes and invoicing.  How much money are you forfeiting? Now, think about how much new revenue you could generate if you had that time back and weren't so frazzled??

Your investment in yourself: $695


  • Get an Automation Plan

  • Grow your Practice with Better Clients

  • Enjoy More Profit, Freedom & Joy!

Terri Herron, Terri Herron Law

It was worth investing my four hours of time on a Saturday. I found useful nuggets of information to improve my business.

Here's What You Get When You Register Today:

  • Pre Work - Each day for five days you receive a lesson or thought prompt designed to prepare you for the VIP Day so you have all the answers
  • You'll get fillable/printable workbooks. Each email is short and easy to complete because you are busy.
  • 5 Opportunities for Feedback- Each day, you can share your workbook with me privately for feedback, questions and insights so you self-awareness deepens and grows and you stay encouraged to move forward.
  • A VIP experience- You get the luxury of spending 4+ uninterrupted hours focusing on yourself and your business in a safe environment where you can ask questions

Plus These Amazing Bonuses

  • Free Ebook | Are you Lawyering or Laboring: 7 Steps to Reduce Interruptions & Run a Highly Productive Firm with Virtual Receptionists
  • Free Infographic | Your Essential Biz Dream Team

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  • Q.How do I attend the VIP day?

    A.You attend from the comfort of your home, office or any space you choose. This is a virtual event so there’s no travel expense or dress code.  Come in your pajamas and makeup-less if you like. You’ll receive the details by email.

  • Q.What if I'm just starting out in my law practice?

    A.Ideally, this VIP day works best for established lawyers who have either 5-7 years in practice or over 10 years in practice.  However, if you are determined to get started on the right foot, join us.

  • Q.What's the format?

    A.You will receive a thought prompt/lesson for five days prior to our VIP Day on Saturday. Each lesson is designed to quickly prepare you for Saturday.  Just like you wouldn’t turn in the first draft of a brief, you get a chance to think about and refine your answers before your VIP day

    On the VIP date, we meet by Zoom for a 4+ hour planning session (with breaks, of course) You get uninterrupted time and focus to create your plan with my help.

  • Q.What's the best part about this?

    A.You’ll get more insight and confidence, for sure. But honestly, the best part is having a safe space to question, dream and be encouraged to soar.