Take the guesswork out of onboarding new employees in your law firm

You are unstoppable when you have a smart, caring team to support you.  Let's design a remarkable, meaningful onboarding experience that creates a two-peas-in-a-pod work relationship and makes your team take ownership for their role and the growth of your firm.

Growing Pains that you didn't expect


You started your law firm on your own. You added people as you needed them.  Maybe it was a paralegal first, then a lawyer.  Angry legal assistant

Poof, before you realize it, you've grown into a bigger team.  All of a sudden you have staff!

It feels like it's the right time (or way past time) to put efficient systems in place and formalize your onboarding process.

When you have a smart, caring team who is aligned with your values and mission, you are unstoppable.

Add New Hires without the Hassle!

give clients a reason to pay- evidence, lawyer Adding a new employee or virtual assistant is a huge investment.

You invest your time looking at resume after resume then doing interview after interview. Those are billable hours that you can't get back.

You also invest mental energy and hope that this person will be the one to help you get more done and to grow your law firm.

When the new person joins then quits or never joins at all- it can be disappointing, hurtful and maybe even stop you from trying again.

Here's the thing--it's critical to have an Orientation & Onboarding plan to integrate your new team well. That's where the Orientation and Onboarding Workshop comes in...


Get a step-by-step process to identify what's most important to you. Your thoughts create your world. So if you're holding negative thoughts or twisted beliefs, you are bringing that into the creation process for your law firm.  Get time to sort it out.

Get the guides to develop the three tools you've can create your own orientation plan and onboarding program for sure.  But wouldn't it be easier and faster to create with a group that has inspiring ideas and an expert to help you?

Get is expert advice, community and an opportunity to ask questions in real time


This is a half-day intensive workshop via Zoom where you will create your orientation plan and onboarding program in community with like-minded lawyers.


Only 15 Seats to ensure personal attention

Let's face facts

Law school didn't prepare you to run a small business.  You were never trained to lead a team.  You are going with your gut and guessing when you onboard your new hires.


When you provide a poor onboarding experience, or worse, none at all, you create and experience loss:

      • You fail to make the new hire see their value and importance to you
      • You fail to help the new hire understand their role and how to do it well
      • You fail to motivate excitement and engagement
      • You fail to gain their creativity, expertise and problem-solving skills
      • You fail to add the flexibility and productivity you were after when you hired


As a result, you lose your new hire.  Either immediately, due to a quick quit in the first 6 months, or gradually, as they become more dissatisfied and disconnected from your firm.  You lose all the time, energy and the thousands of dollars  you devoted to hiring.

When is it?

Your 3 Hour Interactive Workshop is on

Sunday, April 28, 2019

9-12 pm PT/ 12-3 pm ET

Who is this Workshop for?

Solo and Small Firm Owners who are



Lawyers who want to get onboarding right the first time

Lawyers who are curious on how to improve their systems

Lawyers who want a better onboarding experience


Let's be candid.

If you think that $500 is more than you want to spend, here are two crucial points to consider...

  • How many billable hours will you lose if your new hire quits?  More than 4 right?
  • How many billable hours would you spend looking for similar training, if any was even available? More than 8?

The value of this training is 5x the current affordable price.  Get the wisdom and the savings! SIGN UP NOW

Who is Dina Eisenberg, Esq?

Dina Eisenberg is a lawyer and Ombudsman turned award-winning entrepreneur.

Dina is the CEO of, a consulting & training company for solo and boutique firm lawyers; founder of The Intentional Lawyer Club for entrepreneurial lawyers who want to do the business of law differently; and, creator of Carefreeu, the first delegation Subscription Box for Lawyers and Small Biz Owners.

Her mission is to help successful but overworked women lawyers to delegate, automate and grow without burnout through her coaching programs and products.

With a background in organization development, conflict management and experience as an Ombuds, Dina is the perfect guide for you if you want to have a positive, happy, high-functioning, law firm culture.

Catch her on the Happy Lawyer Project Podcast, The Resilient Lawyer Podcast and Solo to CEO Podcast

Don't go it alone

You have a couple of options.

You can read a book and try to get better at onboarding with no one to ask.

You can keep going on your own with your Frankenstein'd systems wasting thousands of dollars hiring people who don't fit, rehiring,  then doing the work yourself.

Or, you can join this training and create a team who understands you, takes the initiative in their job, truly believes in your mission and is excited to achieve it

Join the Orientation & Onboarding Workshop