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Here you can read about the mentoring and evaluation services I currently offer. Each Consult includes Real-time Video feedback and a written Recommendations Brief so you leave with reference tools.

Check back because I get inspired to offer new services. Warmly, Dina

Do you have an idea don’t know how to get started or a service you want to try
? That’s perfect for this…

Idea Validation Consult

Do you want a roadmap to success? I’m your clarity Sherpa!

How frustrating is it when you have a great idea but don’t know how to get it done, or if it will even work. You can stumble around for a long time on your own, gathering scraps of information here and there without ever getting clear on the right path. Or you can call in a pro- me.

Creative problem-solving is my jam so it’s fun for me to figure out the best, easiest and most affordable way to get things done.I’ve been an online creator for the past 7 years and delegating for the past 10 years.  And, I can help you get past any mindset blocks that are stopping your vision from becoming reality because I’m a conflict ninja.

During your Business Acceleration Consult, I will:

-assess the current situation, need or problem
-identify opportunities, priorities, and goals
-reveal poor assumptions or limiting beliefs
-identify your strengths and project strengths
-share outsourcing and automation resources
-develop your ‘roadmap’ an action plan for your next steps

You don’t have to be frustrated or wait forever to get what you want! Book your Biz Acceleration Consult NOW

Get your Roadmap!


The Client Experience- Website & Social Presence Review

website review Do you know if your website & presence are helping you or scaring away clients? That’s the question! I’m your clarity Sherpa!

A beautiful, high-functioning website is what today’s savvy legal consumer is expecting to see when they find your firm on their smartphone. Your site needs to be optimized to take advantage of that. Just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a good website is determined by the end user, your client.

I’ve created several websites over the past 7 years and have tested a lot of automation software for performance and ease of use. I know the best website builders to use and those to avoid. I can help you determine your site strengths and weaknesses as well as give you the tools for improvement.

During your Client Experience, I will:

-enroll me as your potential client
-review your website design from a client perspective for what’s missing
-evaluate your website copy for ease and effectiveness
-examine your social media profile bios for effectiveness
-provide a Review recording and Action Sheet

You can attract more clients with your beautiful, high-functioning website!



Prepare for Profits: Law Practice Makeover

website review

Is your practice organized for success?

Your law business foundation needs to be well-built and strong to support you now and give you a springboard for future growth. Let me evaluate the cornerstones of your law business: your website, your web presence, your manual and your ideal best client.

It’s very hard to step back and take a clear-headed look at your business when you are the product. What I do best is give you knowledge and insight from someone who has a fresh perspective and experience in online marketing.  If you ever said, I have no idea where to start, this consult is for you!