Dina Eisenberg EsqAchieving your goals is very possible with the right support. You want a coach who becomes your thinking partner and acts as your truthful mirror reflecting back thoughts and behaviors you might not be aware of, holds your hope and courage until you can do it yourself and who doesn’t allow you to wiggle out of your commitment to yourself.  That’s me!

My coaching program is limited because I give you the attention, energy, and resources you deserve.

Because of the limit, I can only work with you if you see the value of delegation and are willing to take action to make a change in your law practice. Whiners, complainers, the mistrustful and excuse-makers need not apply.

If you have a vision for your law practice and how you want it to support your lifestyle, I am eager to help you make the dream a reality. I want you to succeed.

Warmly, Dina


Is your practice squared away and ready for success?

Prepare for Profits: VIP Day

Your law business foundation needs to be well-built and strong to support you now and give you a springboard for future growth.

Let me evaluate the cornerstones of your law business: your website, your web presence, your systems and your ideal best client yardstick.

It’s very hard to step back and take a clear-headed look at your business when you are the product.

What I do best is give you knowledge, insight, and fresh perspective based on my experience in online marketing, automation, and outsourcing.

If you ever said, I have no idea where to start, this consult is for you!

  • Assess your law practice current online presence and visibility
  • Design an Outsourcing Plan to meet your goals
  • Execute  by providing resources and recommended Talent

A small change to your copy, images, and exposure can bring more leads to your ideal best clients!  Just 1 new client pays for this strategic coaching.

How does this work?  I designed this program with you in mind, Lawyer. No fluff. Prior to our meeting, you’ll complete a questionnaire and do some pre-work. We dive right in virtually on Zoom call for a 3 hours session where we focus on improving your law practice.

My goal for you is to grow a sustainable, profitable practice with multiple income streams that supports your life now and into the future.

Why work with me?

I am an award-winning entrepreneur who has trained thousands of business owners to be more effective communicators and better at business. My thought leadership has been featured in leading business and legal publications- Inc, Entrepreneur, as well as  the ABA Journal  and the Practitioner (California Bar Association)

I wrote the definitive book about online outsourcing after a decade of experience and teach the topic on Udemy. I think Malcolm Gladwell would agree that I’ve put in the 10 thousand hours to be considered an expert.

Yet, what makes me credible to the lawyers who seek me out to help them design a practice that fits their lives and regain control and balance is the fact I’ve created that freedom in my own 20+ years in business. They appreciate the strategic thinking and technology I bring to the party but what makes me credible is that it’s clear I’ve been to where you want to go.

Are we a good fit?

I pour a ton of energy, love and thought into my clients so not everyone can be accepted for a VIP Day. Here’s how it works.  Click the link to schedule a ‘get to know you call’ and pay for your VIP day.

You’ll find a link to the application to complete before our get acquainted call.  We’ll meet virtually and discuss your goals and how I can be helpful.  All good-then, we schedule our VIP Day (we can do weekends).  If we mutually decide we are not a great fit, I’ll refund your money and send you off with resources.

get started now


Strategy Consult

Do you want a roadmap to success? 

How frustrating is it when you have a great idea but don't know how to get it done, or if it will even work. You can stumble around for a long time on your own, gathering scraps of information here and there without ever getting clear on the right path. Or you can call in a pro- me.

Creative problem-solving is my jam so it's fun for me to figure out the best, easiest and most affordable way to get things done.

I've been an online creator for the past 7 years and delegating for the past 10 years.  And, I can help you get past any mindset blocks that are stopping your vision from becoming reality because I'm a conflict ninja.

During your Strategy Consult, I will:

-assess the current situation, need or problem
-identify opportunities, priorities, and goals
-reveal poor assumptions or limiting beliefs
-identify your strengths and project strengths
-share outsourcing and automation resources
-develop your 'roadmap' an action plan for your next steps

You don't have to be frustrated or wait forever to get what you want! Book your Strategy Consult NOW

Get your Roadmap!

60 minutes reg. $500


30 minutes  reg $250


What Our Clients Have to Say

Clarity, Focus, Support

  • Coaching has helped me identify my goals, redefine some of my goals, establish a plan (a work in progress) and move forward to being more efficient, having supportive virtual staff, and tasting the life I want - help people and swim/travel.   It's not easy - many balls in the air - but having someone to talk it through - point out strengths and weaknesses in processes, ideas, or just give a big virtual hug - has been so beneficial for me - my work - my life.

    Elizabeth A. Smith Elizabeth A. Smith MySocialSecuritySite.com
  • I like that she is not focused on the hard sell and she understands that we are not all driven by money as the all-important goal...it is very important but not all-important she gets that...

    Angela S. Barker Angela S. Barker Law Office of Angela Barker $ Associates LLC
  • I scheduled a consultation with Dina after learning about her coaching services through an online group for lawyers.  Talking to her was one of the best things I could do for my new business!  I wanted to discuss some of my business ideas and how to turn them into profitable services.  I knew what I wanted to do but lacked the confidence and clarity to make them into real, practical business services.  But Dina changed that!  She helped me identify the areas of my experience and legal knowledge that will provide real value for my business clients.  I cannot thank Dina enough for her time and support.  Don't wait to schedule your call with her.  You will feel much better about the direction of your business going forward.

    Maria E. Bermudez Maria E. Bermudez
  • I just had the most amazing coaching session with Dina Eisenberg! Although I had some great ideas, she further refined them to be more effective marketing and educational tools. She also helped me focus on my next step. However, what she did today that was amazing is that she reminded me why I started the firm and breathed new gusto into me when I needed it the most.

    Sherry Hechavoca Sherry Hechavoca





I want you to be comfortable and at ease. All my consults come with a risk-free money back guarantee. If you don't leave your consult feeling clearer, more confident and knowing the next step to take, I'll cheerfully refund your money with one question: how can I do better?


On-Air Consult

There are a lot of lawyers who have not experienced coaching. I’d like to show people that coaching is very useful.  You gain insights & strategies, and at the end, you’re empowered, not embarrassed.

Law practice will be so radically different in 5 years. A lot of great lawyers will be left behind because of fear. I think I can help and this is how I’m doing it

During your free consult, you get to pick one project that you want to resolve on the 30- minute call. Then, we meet on Zoom to talk. No video, just audio. You get the recording as a reference.

This consult is regularly $250 but you'll get this valuable consult for free in exchange for permission to record and share your consult on my site.

Help yourself. Help others. Save.

ON-AIR Coaching Session- Michelle, Estate Planning Lawyer

Listen is as I coach Michelle on delegating to a virtual help to take over her social media management. We discuss the 3 parts of social media management, the costs and the tools needed to work successfully with a virtual assistant.

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