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What would your law practice be like if you could find affordable help at the click of a button?

No more endless hours of searching online or asking friends who may not share your work ethic. No more picking the wrong person, getting poor results and having to start all over again. No more guessing or worrying about at how to tell your virtual help what you want or what to do when things go sideways.

What is Dina's Rolodex Is it a toolkit? It's an On-Demand Resource Library and it works like most libraries.  You become a Member then you can access and use what's inside the Rolodex to prepare to hire, onboard your virtual assistant and manage like a true leader.

What do you get? As a Rolodex member, you'll get the benefit of an experienced  outsourcing expert (me)and my favorite freelancers packaged up for you in one convenient place. I share the tips and practices that I developed over a decade working with various freelancers on multiple outsourcing platforms.

Inside the Rolodex, you'll find training to help you write a crystal clear job posting, insights on the best payment practices and everything else you need to have a successful outsourcing experience.

Oh and my hand-picked resources! You'll get something very rare.  I share the names and contact information for the virtual assistants I use to design my website, install and update plugins, and create marketing materials like flyers, 1 sheets, posters and t-shirts.  Get more done with recommendations for...

What types of delegation projects can I choose?

  • How to hire a Virtual Assistant to sending out billing and follow up
  • How to outsource your social media management
  • How to hire a Virtual Assistant to up your local/online presence
  • How to hire a Virtual Assistant to research your ideal client
  • How to outsource email management
  • How to outsource video marketing
  • How to outsource your podcast
  • How to hire a Virtual Assistant for logos
  • How to outsource web design for under $500
  • How to write a crystal clear job posting
  • How to pick the right Virtual Assistant for you
  • How to write a Project Legend (SOP)
  • How to easily create an operations manual
  • How to define your Ideal Best Client
  • How to work successfully with your Virtual Assistant
  • How to let go and grow your law business
  • Questions Lawyers ask about working with a Virtual Assistant

How do I select the Talent?

The professionals inside my Rolodex were chosen because they meet my high standards of professionalism, invest their knowledge or expertise into creating high-quality work and they are easy to work with. They are the people I like to work with.

I don’t accept people who approach me. Talent can’t buy its way in. Either I picked the Talent or someone I trust recommended them to me. With a decade of experience comes a lot of names.   You’ll get access to a variety of Talent: some are independent and some are part of an online outsourcing platform and some Talent that are on lawyer-only sites.

Why trust me?

Good question!

I’m Dina Eisenberg and I'm a lawyer just like you. I practiced as a prosecutor before launching my own mediation/training firm which evolved into a Ombuds advisory firm. Now I teach my proven systems as an Outsourcing Strategist for Solo Lawyers.

The focus of my career has been helping others find great solutions.

Some folks call me the Queen of Outsourcing. I’ve been outsourcing in my business for almost 20 years, actively outsourcing online for the last decade. After making every mistake, I developed a proven system for navigating the platforms quickly without wasting time or money. I learned how to recognize and attract the best freelancers by joining and working on the platforms. I literally wrote the book on how to buy on Fiverr.

I’ve been in your shoes and will happily share my insider knowledge of what to do, when and why with you.

Dina's Rolodex is the easiest way to outsource!

Which sounds better?

a) You spend 3-4 hours searching on Upwork, looking at profiles, until your head is spinning. You pick someone but you don't know how the person will work out for you.  You worry. You waste potentially up to $1000 (since most lawyers charge around $260/hr)


b) You join Dina's Rolodex & find exactly who you need in the hand-picked directory in a few minutes then use our easy template to write a crystal clear posting so you get what you want at the price you expect. No surprises. Just joy.

All that knowledge and experience at your fingertips for less than the cost of a cup of Starbucks per day

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  • Confidently hire virtual staff without worrying
  • Reclaim your time for important things like your family or me time
  • Finally get someone to follow up with clients and receivables
  • Easily organize and build systems that let your law business run on autopilot

What happens next?

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