Once upon a time, there was a really useful tool that allowed small business owners to get the best virtual help available throughout the world. It was called Fiverr.

Fiverr still exists but it is no longer the fairy tale with a happy ending for entrepreneurs. Since Fiverr launched in 2010, it has evolved to something more like a nightmare.  I was a huge fan. I even attended their seller events in SF. (I first tested the platform as a seller to convince myself it wasn’t a scam.) 

Now, I’m not a fan. In fact, I’m hardly a user anymore. When I do use Fiverr, I rely upon my personal library of over 500 freelancers.  The site has gotten quite mercenary where once there was a feeling of camaraderie.  The algorithm is designed to push new users to the bottom of the barrel, which so disappoints me.
Yet, like the old jeans you keep around for painting, Fiverr does have a purpose even now.  So, even though I no longer recommend Fiverr except for a very short list of projects, I wanted to explain it for those who want to use it.


What is a Gig  

Do you know what a gig is in the world of Fiverr?  I was speaking to a group about outsourcing and talking passionately about Fiverr when someone asked, What’s a gig? 

That’s a great question. So, I thought I’d give you my best answer to that. The word gig has many meanings.  My ex-husband is a jazz musician who plays the vibraphone. For the past 16 years, a gig meant he was going out to play music. 

I did a lot of consulting and corporate training in my legacy career as a small business mediator, so for me, a gig is a training or consulting job.

Then, came Fiverr.  For those who might not be familiar, Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can get professional and creative services starting at $5 a gig. A gig means a service or item offered for sale on Fiverr. 

Typically, Fiverr Gigs are services, but not necessarily so.  People also offer written material- ebooks, reports, checklist, templates- for sale on Fiverr as a Gig. Because there are over 3 million gigs on Fiverr, it can be overwhelming to look for a gig.  It’s helpful to have the categories to stay organized and search faster.  Imagine if you had to go through every listing one by one…yikes.

Gig Categories

Fiverr breaks the basic business tasks into the following categories, which seem broad, but can be narrowed by using the filters provided.  You’ll find the following category topics at the top of the website, just under the header. Think of it as home base.

  • Graphic Design
  • Online Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Business Advice
  • Fun & Lifestyle

Click through to a category. You’ll notice that on the left side panel you can specify your interests even further.  Your search can be customized in several ways: by delivery time, provider level, reviews, etc.  Using the filters saves so much time that I highly recommend it.  Less sensory overload.

There are many more sub-categories. You’ll see a drop down menu when you mouse over any of these top header categories, that allows you get filter your search further.  

The homepage is like a roadmap. It tells you about new and featured listings, but also what you’ve viewed in the past and related gigs.  

You’ll also find a brand new feature on the home page: courses.  Somewhere along the way Fiverr decided to become Lynda.com and teach freelancers a thing or two.  You’ll also find Pro Talent on the homepage.  This is the Fiverr upsell campaign for users who fear getting scammed.  Fiverr will show you vetted, typically US based freelancers.  They cost a whole lot more.  I’d be curious to know if Fiverr regulates that pricing at all.

What kind of gigs can you do?

Fiverr is a godsend for small businesses, but especially for solo lawyers and solopreneurs.  There are just too many things to do and too few hours in the day to get everything done.  Smart self-employed folks know that the only way to keep up and grow is to outsource. A lot of my clients somehow overlook things they could outsource to Fiverr.

Let me tell you a story.  A while back I was chatting with a coach who wanted to swap referrals. She looked chagrined when  I asked for her site.  She was too busy to work on her website.  

I’ve been there and you probably have, too, right? This is a bright woman but somehow she didn’t see the answer right in front of her.  I suggested a Fiverr provider who could give her a 5-page website in a week for around $250.  Yes, that’s over $5 but much less, and way faster than the coach doing it herself.  Well worth the money as a placeholder until she can focus on something better.

Things have changed. I wouldn’t give that advice today unless the provider was one of my chosen. These days I tell clients to buy a theme from CreativeMarket.com and get an Upwork VA to customize it for them.

Visual marketing help from Fiverr

Visual Marketing The reason visual marketing is so popular is because it works.  Images increase engagement.  Pages with visuals get 94% more engagement.  Facebook posts with images get two times the engagement. So what do you do to put visual marketing to work for you?  Use Fiverr.

Jump on Pinterest

People who visit Pinterest are buyers.  The site generates sales of $80 per order according to Forbes.  Whether you have a product or service you want to be on Pinterest because those visitors buy! Have a Fiverr provider take care of Pinterest for you.  

You can use Fiverr to quickly get onto Pinterest and reap the benefits, but you’ll get more help on Pinterest strategy from an independent virtual assistant (VA) or Upwork.  The freelancer can help you to:

  1. Set your posting strategy
  2. Collect images (with the appropriate photo credits/licenses) for your Pinterest campaign
  3. Create the pin image with text and links
  4. Set you up on Pinterest and create 100 pins
  5. Post to your boards on a consistent basis

Be innovative with Infographics

Businesses that educate with infographics enjoy a 12% boost in their traffic.  Who doesn’t want that? What  you don’t want is to spend time creating that graphic yourself, even though the free online software is pretty good.  You could post on Fiverr and have a nifty infographic to share in days.  Rinse and repeat and watch your traffic stats soar! Fiverr providers can…

  1. Gather the research to base the infographic on
  2. Create your infographic design for a product
  3. Create an infographic as a speaker sheet
  4. Post your infographic to infographic aggregation sites

Excite with Email

Yes, email is social marketing and yes, email still very effective to building engagement and sales. Open rates are at 14% and 35% of readers responded to a promotion in email according to Social Times  If email isn’t your favorite thing, no worries. There are providers waiting to help you….

  1. Design a custom, eye-catching email opt-in
  2. Create a branded email template 
  3. Write your autoresponder series to keep subscribers engaged
  4. Track your open and click rate so you can plan

Want a custom email signature that highlights your freebie?  That’s an easy way to promote without getting all saley.  I have a tutorial on how to outsource that.

Video logos and editing

Video marketing is very hot right now. Why?  It’s successful.  You’ll get more engagement by using video.  Don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to use this tool if you don’t want to be on camera yourself. (Although, you should make the effort. It helps potentials to select you if they can see and hear you first).

Create a video logo or promo.  A Fiverr provider can easily string together a few photos or videos with your logo to create a compelling video trailer for you.  I recently had a new intro made for $15 that looks professional.  Check out vp_design on Fiverr.  I’ve worked with her for two years and she is very responsive as well as affordable.

The moral of the story

All things change.  Fiverr received over 60 million dollars in VC money. Change was inevitable.  It’s sad that the platform is not as friendly or reliable as before but it remains helpful for low-risk/high value projects.  I’ve gotten some fun gifts from the lifestyle section for family and clients.

However, Fiverr is not longer my recommended outsourcing marketplace.  I still use it but I don’t love it. Let me hear about your experiences in the comments.


Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of OutsourceEasier.com, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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