Your Perfect Paralegal frees up your time and helps you earn more!

I had trouble keeping a good paralegal. I learned how to put my needs first and build my practice around me. My new paralegal is experienced and anticipates my needs.  I easily save 10 hours a week.  Even my husband has noticed how much happier I am. This course was a good investment.

Regina Mitchell Taylor, Law Offices of Regina M. Taylor PC



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 Train your Perfect Paralegal will transform your law practice!

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What You Get!

The Value is there

Do the Math!

You're leaking money. Say you spend 5 hours a week on paralegal tasks (Informal poll reveals many lawyers spend between 10-15 hours a week-yikes).  At $232/hour, you're wasting $1160 a week.  That's almost $5k a month of lost income.

However, if you hire a part-time paralegal at $35/hr for 5 hours a week, you regain $985 a week (232-35x5) That's $4200 in your pocket plus 5 billable hours!

You recoup your investment in this course in just 1 month!!

Tuition is 4 easy payments of $875


  • How to pick the right paralegal for you
  • How to set up your onboarding process
  • How to teach your paralegal to be self-sufficient
  • How to share your values
  • How to set goals and measure progress
  • How to integrate existing and new staff
  • and much more


  • 1

    5 Steps to a Happy Hire

    Take a look at the big picture and learn the 5 steps and 3 leg framework that leads to a perfect paralegal

  • 2

    The Sovereign Nation of YOU

    Discover the Sovereign Nation of You and how your beliefs impact your staff.

  • 3

    Creating your Law Firm Legend

    Create a Law Firm Legend that consistently shares your values, needs and goals with your new paralegal or legal assistant so they work the way you want!

  • 4

    Develop your Employee Avatar

    What do you need to see in your new paralegal to build trust? Explore the beliefs and skills that you want in your new hire.

  • 5

    Create your Orientation Plan

    Don't leave your new employee hanging. Design a great first day so you make a good impression and they want to stay!

  • 6

    Develop your Onboarding Process

    Rome wasn't build in a day and neither is a good working relationship. Plan out how you will teach your new employee how to work for you.

Dina Eisenberg, Esq

Dina Eisenberg is a lawyer turned award-winning entrepreneur and CEO of You know how lawyers have endless days where there is never enough time to serve clients, run the business and have a life? Well, Dina helps solo and small law firm owners to earn more,  focus on what they do best and create trustworthy, profit-making teams.


  • Half Day Intensive that covers the entire course- you save time!
  • Small community of like-minded lawyers- you learn from others!
  • Private bi-monthly coaching sessions with Dina- you get individual attention & expert advice!
  • Lifetime Access to an online portal- everything at your fingertips whenever you need it!
  • Custom working documents: Law Firm Legend, Employee Avatar, Orientation Checklist and Onboarding Plan
  • Thoughtful coaching through management/leadership issues

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I onboarded 6 new people. I got a lot out of it.

Sarah Nicols, Nichols Law, PC