Hard work is inevitable.  Overwhelm is optional.

You can’t possibly keep up with all the marketing, social media and administrative needs in your law practice AND give your clients amazing service.

You can try but something is gonna slip through the cracks. Somebody (most likely you) is not gonna be unhappy.

How do you achieve more while doing less?

You have two choices:

a) continue to wear the busy button and struggle along on your own, stressed out and unhappy, or

b) get virtual help and be a lot happier and not overworked

I suggest that you pick b and get my help to:

  • identify what to delegate right now
  • pick the right outsourcing platform
  • write a Project Legend so what you want is clear and understandable
  • determine the budget
  • manage the interaction

Get the most valuable stuff

Get a start to finish plan to delegate one project so you know that you’re spending your money and your time wisely.

Get my expert opinion on how to approach your project based on my decade of experience with online outsourcing, delegation, and automation. There’s always a way.

Learn how to use Upwork properly so you avoid the fluff that the platform wants you to wade through and find the prime freelancers that actually know what they are doing.

Get a recommendation from my personal library filled with over 500 freelancers that I’ve worked with (if available.)

How does this work?

Getting started with me is very simple. Five easy steps:

  1. Purchase your Strategy call
  2. Schedule our meeting
  3. Complete the Intake Form
  4. Call me at our appointed meeting time/day
  5. Do the work!

Easy peasy! You’ll get a special link for follow up questions, too. Ready to go?

Investment in yourself: $600       

PS If you think this Strategy call and getting outsourcing help is expensive, just think about how much you’ll grow and be able to earn after the call. 

Or, think about what will happen to your family if something happens to you.