Your mind, energy, and creativity are your greatest assets as a lawyer. Protect them.

Even great lawyers can’t do everything.  You do everything during the first few years of practice because your budget requires DIY, and well, that’s what lawyers do, right?

But as the years pass and the demands on your time grow, you realize that you’re tired of staying up until 2 am, feeling worn out from juggling all those balls and, sadly, that you don’t have the time to stop and figure out how to get help or where to find it.

You need a Coaching Strategy Round

An Outsourcing Strategy Round is a process that guides you to examine your law practiceidentify what needs to change, find a solution that works for you and implement it without getting sidetracked. 

With my expertise and experience, you will:

  • Strategize how to grow your practice
  • Examine what is working and what is not in your practice
  • Identify up to 3 areas that you’d like to change
  • Reveal what might be holding you back
  • Pick the right outsourcing platform for you
  • Write a Project Legend so what you want is clear
  • Determine the right budget
  • Identify freelance resources
  • Receive support/accountability as you onboard your help
  • Outsource with confidence!

Avoid the pitfalls

grow your law practice

You’ll build a smart, caring team of freelancers to support you and help you  avoid the pitfalls like:

  • Selecting a teammate who is nice but not qualified
  • Failing to be clear about what success looks like to you
  • Micromanaging because things aren’t done your way
  • Getting caught up in Relief Syndrome

Achieve your most important goals

Reap the full benefit of outsourcing on a regular basis and avoid decision fatigue with an Outsourcing Strategy. You won’t forget. Delegating becomes routine.

Your practice runs smoothly and is more organized because you have Project Legends that become your operations manual. You don’t need to remember how you did it last time. It’s all written down.

Enjoy more freedom and happiness. You won’t be tied to the office or your workload anymore because you have people who take on the burden and free up your time to spend as you want. Whether that’s plotting your next business move or your next vacation.

How does a Round work?

It’s pretty easy to get started with your Coaching Round.  A round consists of three calls: Diagnostic, Solution Planning and Debrief/Accountability.

In the Diagnostic call, we’ll evaluate your practice together to determine what needs to change to meet your goals.

In the Solution Planning call, we’ll discuss the strategy I create for you and refine it so it fits you like your favorite pair of jeans-nice and comfy.

Then, you go off with your marching orders and get to work.

In the 2 Debrief/Accountability calls, we’ll discuss your progress and resolve any obstacles. I hold you accountable in a nurturing but firm way. Mainly though, we’ll celebrate your success.  You get a second accountability call a few weeks later

Here are the simple steps to start your journey

  • Purchase your Round
  • Schedule your first meeting
  • Do the Pre-Work
  • Call me at the appointed day and time

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right? You’ll also have access to me for questions or thoughts between calls.

Investment in you and your happiness: $2200  

Ready to get started?!

Dina Eisenberg

If you’re ready to take control of your time, earn more and be happier, click to book Clarity & Coaching call so we can see if we’re a good fit. You will receive a credit if you book your Coaching Round after the call.


I scheduled a consultation with Dina after learning about her coaching services through an online group for lawyers. Talking to her was one of the best things I could do for my new business! I wanted to discuss some of my business ideas and how to turn them into profitable services. I knew what I wanted to do but lacked the confidence and clarity to make them into real, practical business services. But Dina changed that!  Maria E. Bermudez Esq

Think about all the things you will be able to do, to see and how long you’ve waited to be free.  Make a modest investment in your greatest asset—you.