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Let’s face it. Running a solo law practice is hard.  Being a self-employed attorney in the current legal climate, where consumers have so many options for legal services, is especially difficult.

Marketing and admin work eat up huge chunks of your work day.  Blogging, guest posting, social media, video are just a small sample of marketing projects you have to do over and over to build your brand and attract good quality clients who want your expertise.

Law school conditioned you to believe you can and should do everything yourself. You worry about mistakes. You worry about your clients. You worry about deadlines. So, you work yourself into a tight, crammed box where you have no freedom or flexibility.


There's gotta be a better way to have a life
and a practice you love, right?

Grow Your Remote Team
& Scale Easily...

Add help without the overhead of bringing on full time employees.  Use your Outsourcing Plan to bring remote workers into your practice to handle your marketing, admin and more.

Step 1 | Select a Plan

Our popular Plans are focused on tasks that are easily outsourced and make a difference to your bottom line:, Social Media,  Writing, Business Development and General Administrative

Step 2 | Share your Needs

Tell me about your specific interests or needs so your plan is personalized to you. The diagnostic survey will help you gather your thoughts then I'll help you clarify during your Intake Call.

Step 3 | Delegate like a Rockstar

At your Results Call, you get access to contacts from my hand-selected directory, Dina's Rolodex along with a discussion of your next steps and best practices.  You'll be the biz owner freelancers clamor to work for!

  • Wow! Just a single session with Dina and I feel so ready to tackle my next projects as a new owner of a yoga community space- taking on a new venture with an unknown space renter as well as finding the right marketing assistance..
    Nicole Smith Levay Portal18

Here Are Just A Few Of The Powerful Features...

Your Outsourcing Plan is like a mini-how to course for you.  Get help immediately.

Outsourcing Plans

  • Dina is very knowledgeable and her insight allowed me to see some of my blind-spots. I wasn't maximizing all of my resources and our conversation was a reminder to get moving and stop being comfortable.
    Aidas Rojas

100% Money Back Guarantee

One Question Guarantee, I know you'll be thrilled with the time, effort, money and stress you save with your Outsourcing Plan. However, I want you to be happy. I'll refund your money within 30 days with only one question-- how can I do better?

  • Achieve more while actually working less

  • Get Pre-Go Toolkit so you know what you need before you hire

  • Get Hand-Picked Resources and Tools to get off to a quick start

Here's What You Get
When You Order Today:

  • Get your social media, writing or admin project done- finally!
  • Your own customized written Outsourcing Plan
  • Up to 2 contact names from Dina's Rolodex, my hand-picked directory
  • Pre-Go Toolkit- prepares you to hire your teammate
  • Email introduction to your Contacts
  • Audio recording of your Results call for reference

Plus These
Amazing Bonuses

  • Pre-Go Toolkit- All the specifics you need to work successfully with your teammates
  • 8 Steps to Writing Clear Job Postings

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Have A Question...? Ask Dina!

  • Q.Who is the Outsourcing Plan designed for?

    A.Progressive lawyers who wants to grow their practice, earn more without killing themselves will appreciate an Outsourcing Plan the most. Although the Plans are geared towards attorneys the content is applicable for CPAs and entrepreneurs, too.

  • Q.What happens if I don't have a strategy or vision?

    A.No worries.You don’t have to you strategy set or know all the buzz words. The Plan is designed to introduce you to best practices. We also connect you with strategy consultants where available like in the Social Media Outsourcing Plan.

  • Q.Why is Dina Lynch Eisenberg qualified to teach me?

    A.(I always wonder, too) Folks call me the ‘Outsourcing Queen’ for good reason. I mastered the on-demand marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, Time Etc and more after 100+ transactions. I can point out my rookie mistakes so you don’t make them. Most importantly, I’ll point out your blindspots.

  • Q.Will this work for me?

    A.Yes, a resounding yes.  Delegating is like eating potato chips.  Once you have a great experience, you’re eager to have another and another one.  You’ll be able to make more time whenever you want by following your Plan.

  • Q.How much does an Outsourcing Plan cost?

    A.We realize this is a unique & difficult time in the legal services field and for entrepreneurs, in general.  That’s why we focused on affordability. By creating a productized service that’s easily customizable, we can keep our costs low.  Outsourcing Plans start at $350

  • Q.How long before I get my Plan?

    A.We won’t make you wait.  You’ll get your Outsourcing Plan in 7 days after you finish Intake.