#DelegationTip  If an amazing legal marketing opportunity showed up unexpected, would you be able to make time to do it?
Sadly, most lawyers would have to pass.  I don’t want that to be you. Normally, I’m encouraging you to delegate to save time and preserve your energy.
Today, I’m pointing out how leveraging your time by delegating allows you to market your law business better.


You know how much I like gadgets.  So when I discovered Office Autopilot I was thrilled.
Autopilot was considered the ‘little sister’ tool for small business owners who needed a tool like Infusionsoft but not quite as robust.  It was an all-inclusive tool that combined a CRM with a shopping cart and mail.  It’s now called Ontraport. Watch for a tech review soon.
Honestly, I loved the tool but was terrible at using it.  I talked to their team member, Rochelle, like almost weekly.  She got to know me and I got to know her.
After a while, we parted ways but I never forgot my customer experience with them.  I guess they didn’t forget me either.

Ontrapreneur Podcast

Last week I got an email inviting me to be on a guest  on, Modern Ontrapreneur Podcast for their second season.  I never saw it.
Until Monday.  After  I returned from presenting at the ABAGPSolo conference in NOLA. I quickly emailed back apologizing for the delay.
Angela, who was managing the shoot, told me they had a spot open the next day if I could fit it into my schedule.  Could I??? Hells, ya.
Today, I was in the studio with Landon Ray, CEO of Ontraport to talk about the challenges facing lawyers today for the second season of Modern Ontrapreneurs airing this fall.
The podcast interviews well-known entrepreneurs like John Jantsch, Ryan Levesque and many more.  My new business, Dina’s Rolodex, will now included in this circle. I’m very honored.

Delegate and Grow your Law Practice

More importantly, this is a huge credibility boost.
Behind the scenes
Making the magic

Being ‘on set’ was a pretty cool experience. I’ve never been in a video/TV studio before.


There were two cameras and cameramen.  My necklace had to come off because the lavalier mike was picking up the jingle every time I moved.  We even had a few bloopers.


Recently, the idea of doing a little regional TV has come up.  I thought I’d be too nervous. forget what I planned to say or talk too long.


Turns out I was better at TV than I thought. Yep, I did forget what I planned to say. But what I did say was good and didn’t sound rehearsed.  I was brief, too, which is what they were looking for.


Who knows. I might be ready for my close up. 🙂 This opportunity was the Universe saying, you can do it!

 How can you free up time in your law practice to take advantage of legal marketing opportunities that come your way?
 PS I even did a quick delegation tip video about the experience to share!


Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of OutsourceEasier.com, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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