Hey there, I thought it would be helpful to create a resource page that entrepreneurs and online course creators can see the tools and resources I use to run OutsourceEasier.com.

You know nerdy I am, so there will always be additions and subtractions to the list. If you see * that means it’s an affiliate link. I’m fine with sharing the people and tools that I love and getting a small thanks for that. Let me know if you have questions. Otherwise, enjoy!

Email Marketing

ConvertKit I was a die-hard Aweber fan for over 10 years.
I switched to Convertkit and couldn’t be happier. It did take me a minute to wrap my head around tags, but wow, they make tracking a breeze. I’m most excited about being able to build funnels and do the re-targeting stuff everyone talks about.

I was very lucky to find a great virtual assistant to help me out, so no worries it tech isn’t your thing. I’m happy to share.


Formerly, I used Samcart.  Now I use a combination of Simple Pay Pro and Stripe as my payment processor.  SPP allows me to drop buy buttons directly on blog post pages.  I love Stripe because the stats are crazy good and it will automatically shift money into my business account.

Influencer Marketing

Ninja Outreach -Influencer marketing is the new term for friendly networking. I like to call it slow roast cause it takes a while before it’s yummy. Normally, tracking down a list of thought leaders takes the patience of Mother Teresa. Now, you can get that list and the social stats with a click. Best of all, you get contact info.

We are in a time of peer-to-peer connection and learning. Get in there and mingle!

Social Media Marketing

CoSchedule Social media and blog promotion are like peanut butter and jelly. They must go together. But doing each on separately wastes a ton of time. That’s why I love Co-Schedule.

You can write your blog post, then schedule a promotion at the same time. No more pulling tweets out your butt cause you don’t remember what the post is about.


I was on Hostgator for years before I switched to a smaller company to host my site. While hosting with a private service is great from a customer service standpoint, it really sucks when your provider runs out of skillset. 

I switched again to FlyWheel,  dedicated WP host and have had no issues.

Phone Answering

I don’t think lawyers should answer their own phones. There, I said it. It’s wasteful and you’re likely to get stuck on the phone. Hire a virtual receptionist from Smith.ai who is a pro at screening clients. Get $50 off your first month when you use code DINA50

Document Automation

Yes, that’s a thing. How would you like to stop copying information from one form to the next? I had a chance to talk with the founders of Documate.org and IntakeSherpa, both document automation tools that allow you to enter data once and reuse it throughout a variety of forms. Right now, both companies will set up your first automation for you. Documate, at $100 a month for solos, is very affordable.