Failure to communicate is the most popular reason for a bar complaint against a lawyer.   You’re super busy and your legal client is stressed and needs to know how things are progressing.  Conflict is inevitable, but there are tech tools available to handle it better.

Jim Calloway created the impressive list of tech tools you can use to stay in touch.  I also wanted to share my favorite communication tools.

Schedule Meetings Tech  I’m a big fan of Calendly because it’s super simple to set up yet has very robust features. For instance, you can easily get paid for consultations at the time of scheduling with Calendly, which integrates with your Stripe account (payment processing).

Like Jim, I’m also in favor of experimenting with a chatbot for your website to answer frequently asked questions.  Tom Martin is my favorite expert for chatbots

video marketing for lawyers with Dina EisenbergVideoconferencing  Tech Tools

Law is an intimate thing. We see people at their worst moments. So, it’s critical to build trust right from the start. Most people build trust visually as in, ‘seeing is believing’.

Use tools like for consults and meetings so clients can see you.  There’s a free version that gives you 40 minutes of talk time. Of course, you can also use an old standby, Google Hangouts for visual conferences.

Did you know that you can livestream on YouTube?  You can! Just go inside your Creator Studio and look at the left-hand sidebar for ‘livestream’.

Don’t want to use video with clients. That’s okay. How about using it as a training tool for your team? Open up Jing to quickly record you or your desktop for a 5 minute training session.  Answer questions once in the video and you won’t have to answer them again and again in person.

Time tracking

I love to track my hours said no lawyer ever. I personally hated doing it when I was a practicing lawyer and consequently put it off much of the time.  Of course, that comes back to bite you in the butt.

TellTali changed the way I think about tracking time.  Heck, it almost makes it fun! Tali is the first voice-activated time tracker.  Instead of racking your brain trying to remember how many hours you spent on the Smith matter last week, you simply track the time in real time by saying, Alexa, Tell Tali I started the Smith matter.

Tali will keep track for you.  You can pause if you get interrupted and easily resume.  Best of all, Tali integrates with practice management systems like Clio and Practice Panther. Matt Volm, the inventor, created Tali out of love for his wife, a lawyer who has tracking struggles.

There’s more tech talk coming your way. Join us for the Ask an Expert Livestream with Jack West, founder of Book-It-Legal next Tuesday here





*some of the links may be an affiliate link. I become an affiliate when I feel strongly and want to share the tool with you.  If you click through, I may receive a small financial thank you.  Think of it as buying me a beer.





Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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