You’re overdue for delegating if you’re feeling the pinch of being over-extended, stomping out fires, or chasing new clients in your law business. That stress and low-level feeling of frustration is not what you signed up for when you graduated law school and you don’t have to accept it now. Outsourcing is your secret weapon!

What is Delegation?

Outsourcing is asking someone outside of your business for help and includes the coordination of three phases: pre-go, selection/management and close. Delegation is telling that person the best ways to help you achieve what you need.

Isn’t it interesting that we delegate in our personal lives but it’s so hard to do it professionally? what do you think that means? There are plenty of places to find great help online. Here are a few of my favorite sites for you to explore. Visit. Have a look around.

Most of the sites work the same way. You, as the buyer, post your job and the sellers (who I like to call teammates) vie to be selected to do your work. That’s not how I like to do it though. Instead of being swarmed by many more sellers than you want, it’s a good idea to pre-select a few teammates and simply invite them to your job posting. Believe me, you’ll save a ton of time and won’t have to sort through all the prospects.

List of Outsourcing Sites

  • Upwork– online marketplace; formerly Elance and Odesk.
  •– Expert advice on-demand.
  • Toptal– provides a directory of vetted software engineers and matchmaking services.

List of Contract Lawyer & Paralegal Sites

Your first step?

The first step in getting amazing results when you delegate is to be clear about what you want, and why. It’s like giving your ‘help’ a good roadmap with all the landmarks and wrong turns filled in.

Your tool s this Pre-Go Checklist which will help you clarify your what’s and whys. Pre-Go is the time when you have the most control over the outcome of your project. Spend time here and watch your success rate soar.

The first question is about your motivations. Knowing what you’re working towards at the start of a project helps you to stay on track. It’s much easier to pick the theme for your website & customize it when you realize that a finished, functional site is the tool you need for attracting and persuading clients to work with you.

The question about superior knowledge simply means is there anyone who can do this better than I can. Let me give you a hint. The answer is yes 60–70 percent of the time.

Don’t skip the success question. It sets the expectations for the project. What will it look like when your project is returned and you’re completely satisfied? Write that down. Think about what is a priority for you? What is non-negotiable? Recently I was working with a new VA who changed my password without my permission. That’s a big NO and breach of trust for me so we no longer work together.

Pre-Go Checklist

  1. Why this project? Why now?
  2. Do I have superior knowledge?
  3. What does success look like?
  4. What is acceptable and unacceptable?
  5. What data is needed to ensure success?
  6. How will I feel when this is completed?

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Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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