Do as I say, not as I do.

What parent hasn’t thought or said that before? Humans are flawed, and sometimes we are healing at the same time we are teaching.

The same is true for you as the leader of your law firm. You are wearing a lot of hats: lead generator, intake person, legal researcher, manager, HR director, lawyer. Each role calls on different strengths and requires different knowledge.

Sometimes you treat people differently or don’t uphold your values due to the stress of holding everything together.

Consistency is super important

Consistency is super important. But as humans, we are ever-changing and we forget so it’s tough to be consistent.

That’s why I guide my clients through a process that helps them to :

articulate their beliefs, values, and goals,

evaluate them

create an origin story

Your law firm is a Legend

Your Origin story, which I call you Law Firm Legend, codifies in one, easy-to-access place, why your law firm exists, who you serve and what your culture/community is all about. This is the document you want to share with your current employees and your new hires.

Your Legend reduces the inconsistency problems and creates a better workplace. Why?

Because everyone gets the same accurate information about expectations and culture, which builds trust and safety. There’s no confusion. And, you have a way of reminding yourself about the vision you have for your firm and the values you want it to represent.

If you’re ready to fix the inconsistencies in your team and want guidance, join my FB group Train your Perfect Paralegal


Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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