Is your law practice filled with clients who appreciate your hard work and expertise, pay on time and refer your law practice to others regularly?  If the answer is no, you are not alone.

Many new and established lawyers struggle with simply attracting new clients, much less attracting their ideal, best client. In fact, a recent Clio study reports that solos and small firms invest 48% of their time in attracting new clients, not always successfully.

What if there was a better way to attract the right clients to your law practice with a lot less effort and time spent?

That happens when you identify your ideal client, understand who is your best client and use that data to make your marketing more effective and less costly.

Create your client yardstick to determine which clients fit you and which don’t measure up. Learn how to delegate the research and promotion to your virtual assistant.

Your Client Yardstick

The truth is bad clients don’t just happen to you. You select them. It’s a choice you made that results in dealing with bad clients.

Do you know what qualities or attributes you want to avoid in clients? If not, it’s time to create your Client Yardstick.

Your Client Yardstick is a statement of who your ideal best client is and how they interact with you.  The Yardstick becomes your part of your client policy. Your policy is that you don’t accept clients who don’t measure up.

Clients who…

—won’t use yout intake process

—say things like ‘you seem to know’

—try to negotiate your pricing

— make excuses

Bad clients never measure up for me.  I politely send them on their way to another resource.  I invest too much love and wisdom in my clients to deal with people who don’t appreciate and value my work.

How do you create your Client Yardstick?

Your virtual assistant is an essential teammate

It’s a simple process of research. You will want to hire a virtual assistant to perform these tasks for you.

1) Do a win/loss survey with your past clients and lost prospects to determine why they worked with you (or decided not to work with you). This information will be very helpful in adjusting your positioning, how clients experience your brand, and your messaging, how & what you communicate to clients.

Once you’ve gathered the data, analyzed it and have some clear insights, you are ready for the next step.

2) Research your ideal target market locally. Consumers tend to want to stay close to home for legal help.  71% believe that they need a local lawyer. The first step helped you create the client avatar that you will now use to gather intel on where that client hangs out locally and online.  Of course, your VA  is doing that research for you.

Armed with your avatar, positioning, you’ll be pleased to see that the right clients discover you more easily.

How do you create the process?

Your law practice is like a house. Clients knock on your door asking to stay for a while or to borrow a cup of knowledge. It seems polite to let everyone inside but not everyone that knocks should be admitted into your law practice.  You have to take action to keep them out.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your intake process screen out the bad clients, people who will be difficult, demand more time & attention then ultimately become bad debt?
  • Does your client intake process weed out rogue clients, people who want to use your reputation as a shield as they perform questionable acts?

Creating a strong intake process and yardstick allows you to delegate Intake to an assistant who will screen for you based on your guidance.

Don’t have the time to do this?

I hear ya. There is always something or someone clamoring for your time and attention. You don’t have time to focus on building a strong foundation which means you can’t grow as fast or as strong as you like.

That’s why I created a special coworking event for lawyers called FOCUS480.  You get uninterrupted work time, inspiration from other entrepreneurial lawyers and accountability and expert advice from me. Join us this Friday to work on your Yardstick or Intake process and finally get it done.  LEARN MORE


Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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