You can win more clients by using science. Yup, data. I’m talking with Jennifer Berkley Jackson, marketing research expert, about how lawyers can win more and better clients for their law firms using a win/loss study.  What’s that? Read on, my friend.


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Can you tell us a little about your background and services?

Jen Berkley JacksonI served in a number of marketing roles within a leading training/consulting firm before starting The Insight Advantage. Now I apply that experience to conduct 1:1 interviews for organizations to help them gather insights from their customers and prospects. These insights help them do a better job than their competitors do of meeting their target market’s needs.

Why did you decide to offer your services?

I sat in on too many meetings where people were arguing about what to do within the business and not agreeing on what our customers wanted. I figured out that the only way to make such decisions needed to be based on direct input from our clients and not GUESSING what they wanted.

How can lawyers benefit from your tool or service?

Lawyers can benefit from having an objective 3rd party do win/loss research via conversations with their new clients or lost prospects to gather input about their lawyer search and evaluation process that could help improve the practice’s conversion rate (aka turn more prospects into customers).

Name 3 things that potential users misunderstand about your service and set the record straight.

1) Some people may think that they can’t afford to have a 3rd party conduct win/loss research for them, but the cost is only ‘per interview’ with no long-term commitments. 2) Some people are skeptical about how willing lost prospects will be to participate in win/loss research. Actually, we get similar participation from lost prospects as customers by offering an incentive and ensuring them that it won’t be a sales discussion. 3) Some people are concerned about how much information we can get from lost prospects or new customers, but we are able to have very good conversations that last about 25-30 minutes and produce valuable insights and sometimes a few surprises for our clients that they wouldn’t have found out otherwise.

If lawyers fail to use your service or tool, what can they expect?

They can expect to lose prospects without knowing why they didn’t sign on as clients. Or to assume that most lost prospects aren’t willing to pay their hourly rate vs. understanding that other things can contribute to why prospects don’t become clients.

What’s the best actionable advice you can give lawyers? (tips, etc

Don’t get so focused on DOING the work that you forget to solicit feedback about how you can improve your prospects’ and customers’ experience and provide more value which will make they ongoing loyal clients.

Do you have a special offer you’d like to share? If so what is it?

If you contact me by August 20th, you can get 50% off of the $1,250 initial win/loss research fee we charge for each project (to get up to speed on your business and create a customized interview script to use with your clients and lost prospects).

How can lawyers connect with you? List 2 social outlets

Jen is also a member of my Awesome Talent Library in Dina’s Rolodex where you’ll find more information on win/loss studies.  Become a Member!

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