Growing your law firm is a big concern.  I get that.  I see lawyers doing all sorts of things to attract new clients.  I applaud you for blogging, being on podcasts and generously sharing your knowledge and expertise with potential clients.  All good moves to raise your social capital and grow your law firm.

What I don’t see lawyers doing in service to grow your law practice is studying your current clients.

New clients are the shiny, bright object of legal marketing.  Everyone wants to follow that bouncing ball.  But what about the clients you already have?

What are they, chopped liver?

The best way to have a sustainable practice that you love is to have clients that you love.  Yes, I said the L-word. L. O. V. E.    As humans we do our best for those we LOVE.

If you read my advice on using a client yardstick, you know what I’m about to say.

Your best client is the one who inspires you to do your best work, appreciates your expertise and knowledge, pays you what you are worth (and on time) and shares you with friends.

Best clients don’t just appear. You have to cultivate them and to do that you have to know them.

How do you identify your best clients?  Study your clients

You identify your best client by studying the ones you already have in your law practice. Think about that client who….

  • you have a trusting relationship with
  • works the way you work so it’s easy
  • doesn’t drive you crazy or disrespect you
  • has such a great attitude you love serving him/her
  • pays you on time or based on your payment policies
  • doesn’t abuse their access to you
  • takes action, even if it’s imperfect action to move ahead

Of course, I could build a bigger list.  You need to build your own list of what makes for the best client.  Taking someone else’s list is like borrowing someone else’s underwear.  You could do it but it’s not meant for you and that’s kind of icky. You’re welcome to join me on Friday to work on your list.


Study the legal solutions you offer

Like most lawyers, you probably offer a variety of legal solutions to your clients. These are otherwise known as practice areas, which I think is too broad a term.

Clients don’t see a family lawyer for family law.  They select your family law firm because they need a divorce, new custody arrangement or a guardianship.  Those are your legal solutions. Let’s break that down even further.

Clients don’t really want a divorce, do they?  What they want is to sever the legal obligations to this other person and regain their freedom.

How can you break down the components, legal and lifestyle, of a divorce to offer your clients a better solution?  How can you make it easier for your client to achieve their overall goal?

Here’s a good example that every divorced person can relate to hating: completing the financial disclosure form.  OH, the torture of it all!!! There are so many pain points that you can alleviate by offering a solution.  Think about…

  • a video tutorial
  • a live workshop with a divorce financial planner
  • an ebook
  • a step-by-step infographic
  • an online course

Each of those solutions could be either be free as a way of attracting clients or paid as another revenue stream.

Maybe you haven’t given this idea of identifying your best client a lot of thought.  No worries.  Let’s think through it together at FOCUS480, my virtual coworking event each Friday.

You get two hours of uninterrupted work time, your questions answered with expert advice and accountability.  You get 4 access passes with for 1 ticket price, which means you can join when it is convenient for you. Use all for passes consecutively or within a 6 week period. You choose!!

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Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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