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Dina Eisenberg EsqDina Eisenberg is an Outsourcing Strategist, Speaker and former Attorney. Her passion is helping lawyers and small business owners to leverage their free time by outsourcing the right way.

She teaches individuals how to delegate with grace and ease. Delegation is a mastery level skill that leads to much faster, long-term success.

Outsourcing since 2009, Dina has a handpicked network of professionals to choose from and is a self proclaimed geek with plenty of recommended automation tools.

Ms. Eisenberg is an engaging speaker who transforms her audience in a way that leads to long-term impact.  You can select one of these speaking topics or work with her to create a custom experience.

  • The 5 Essential Teammates Every Small Business Needs
  • Are You Ready to Outsource? How to Know & What to Do Next
  • Accomplish More, Do Less: How to Find and Hire Remote Help You Can A ord
  • Money for the Rest of Your Life: Create your Online Course Now

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