Here's How Consultation

Your own private sounding board, honest mirror, cheerleader and creative problem-solver

Being Solo or Small has it's challenges

Your cats can't help you decide the next step.  I can

The beauty of being solo or in a small law firm is that you get to practice law your own way. The challenge?  You may not always know what that is or how to implement.

Truth is, running a law practice is lonely and challenging. You didn't learn how in school. Sometimes you get a great idea and just don't know if it will work or how to get started.

Other times, you hit a roadblock you know there's a way around but you don't have time to find it yourself.  A thought or idea has been haunting you and you just got to talk it out, if only to get some peace.

Talking privately to an expert in outsourcing and delegation may just be the difference between a poor outcome and a great one. Discussing your challenge with another experienced business owner can save you hours of frustration, stress and costly mistakes.


These are the times when a Here's How Consultation is a truly powerful and valuable experience.  You get...

  • an opportunity to slow down and deeply think about your law practice as a business.
  • to ask your burning questions to a successful, knowledgeable entrepreneur & lawyer with over 20 years of wisdom and tech advice
  • fresh suggestions, insider recommendations and hand-picked resources at your fingertips without wasting time searching

Dina is awesome. She is fun, and friendly, and we clicked immediately. She took her time to understand what I'm trying to accomplish, and what my personal hang-ups are when it comes to delegating and outsourcing. From our very first meeting, she was able to dispel my fears and give me actionable advice. If you've got too many things on your plate (which we all do), you need to reach out to Dina!

Alix Devendra, Co-Founder
StartHere HQ

Here's how it works - 3 Simple Steps!

Here's a break-down of how you benefit
from a Here's How Consult

  • Objective analysis of the problem or project
  • Identification of potential missteps and current blindspots
  • Additional options and alternative approaches to resolution
  • A check with the BS Meter
  • Objective insights on your current law practice
  • Honest, friendly feedback and support

The price of peace of mind - Only $500

Whether it's a brand new idea that you can't wait to start or something that's been troubling you for a while, a Here's How Consultation will put you on the right track to success.

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