Lawyers! Sheesh! We are a profession that glorifies toughness. We are taught to embrace overwork and overwhelm because, hey, that’s what lawyers do.  We grind.

And, grind we do. According to the 2018 ABA Midyear report, lawyers are grinding themselves right into dust. 21% suffer from depression. 19% live with anxiety. Running on four hours of sleep creates a backup of neurotoxins that leads to memory loss and cancer. Our work is literally killing us.

Yet, there is hope.  The rumor that you can’t get what you want is false.

There are lawyers who have a vision. They want something different, bigger, happier for their lifestyle and law practice. These women are willing to do the courageous work of envisioning a new future and taking inspired action to achieve it.

Design Your Law Practice Coworking Day

Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has” –Margaret Mead


On Saturday, a committed group of women lawyers sat down to change their worlds forever together.  I hold these women in high esteem.  Why?

Seeking clarity is courageous!

Most of us don’t really take the time to decide what we want.  We take the cards that are dealt us and make it work to quote Tim Gunn.  There doesn’t seem to be the time, or any point, in focusing on your own wants because there are so many other people who are depending on you or someone who comes first in your world.

These lawyers had a definite vision for what they wanted and were willing to step over the scary bits (what if I’m wrong? How will I do that?  What will people think?) to get the clarity they needed to move forward.  That’s brave.  It’s so much easier to stay in the dark or keep yourself confused.

Do you have a dream for your life and law practice but want a roadmap of the next few steps?

Your vulnerability is a superpower!

Yes, as lawyers, we are trained to show no fear or weakness.  I read the manual. You’ve seen Louis on Suits. Even Olivia Pope talked about lawyers as gladiators.  Our languaging is filled with brutality. I’m gonna cut him off at the knees. 

Here’s the catch, though.

You are human.  You are a feeling human who will always have (and need) vulnerability in your life.  When you seek to reduce uncertainty, eliminate the risks and use ‘professional distance’ as a tool to control your clients and their emotions, welp, you lose the ability to access or control your own feelings.

You can’t truly access joy when you are spending your time trying with all your might to avoid hurt or pain. They are a matched set.

These amazing women allowed themselves to be vulnerable in the group and to express their true desires and the places where they are still stuck. They were breathtakingly brave about looking into dark corners, making them light and using that light to stay on their path to goodness.

That meant noticing when they were out of step with the group.  It also meant asking for help to move forward. The Coworking Day isn’t therapy by any means.  However, it is cathartic and uplifting.   You can’t resist being inspired when you see someone else going for it.

Are you willing to open to living a more examined life and making changes to reach your goal?

Knowing is not Doing

Knowing what to do and why is not the same thing as actually doing it.  I’m truly surprised that lawyers sometimes fail to understand that.  Like, how long can we talk about making the profession more diverse and inclusive? The issue has been studied to death.  Some people have to take action and make it happen like Arlan Hamilton is doing for the venture capital industry. She built a venture fund for black women while homeless.

I was adamant that my Coworking Day was not going to be fluff. There had to be time to compose and time to act.  Lawyers get so little uninterrupted time to reflect and plan I knew we had to make the most of this opportunity.  In fact, I was so determined I actually created a 6 hour day. Thankfully, reason prevailed and I edited down to 4 hours with breaks. What?  I wanted people to leave with a plan for their next steps.

These women were serious about doing the work.  They downloaded the Guides for each step, opened up the document and completed the questions.  They took inspired action!!

They did not phone it in. They did not shy away from the hard stuff.  I saw them thinking, pausing and writing during each work break. Their energy was high! This was on a Saturday when there were chores or people waiting, no doubt. These gals have grit. I love grit and I love serving those who possess that trait.

(Side note: grit is defined as a positive, non-cognitive trait based on the person’s perseverance of effort combined with a passion a long-term goal)

Are you able to stay the course to have what you desire?

Women Lawyers Raved

I am super good at keeping secrets and worry a lot about privacy. It’s an Ombudsman thing.  So, I got permission to share what one attendee would say to a lawyer who is considering attending the next Design Your Law Practice Day on Saturday, November 17th.

I received invaluable insight that sparked new ideas that I believe will take my firm to another level. I also received invaluable tips and information that will help streamline my processes in the firm. Dina was full of knowledge, ideas, wisdom, and resources that I thought was worth more than the cost of the course.

It was worth investing my three hours of time on a Saturday. I found useful nuggets of information to improve my business.

I would say if they need that push, that inspiration to move them and their firm forward toward where they want to be I would suggest the course. It was helpful, reinforced my desires to move myself forward and lit a fire under my butt.

Terri Herron
Terri Herron Law

You’re invited to join the next Coworking Day Nov 17th

Did you answer yes to the questions I posed?  Yes! Fantastic. Whether you are a solo woman lawyer, small law firm owner or woman lawyer in government or  a lawyer who runs a business or consulting firm, I want to invite you to join us for Design Your Law Practice Coworking Day . #BeIntentional

Click here to register and learn more about this powerful, unique experience that will leave you hopeful, motivated to move forward with a plan in hand!


Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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