Brands and businesses have relationships.  You do, right?  So, it’s especially nice when the CEO of a tool you use asked you to be part of their business.  Landon Ray, CEO of Ontraport, the first CRM tool I ever used asked me to be on his video podcast and talk about my thoughts on what makes a modern entrepreneur.  Of course, they like Ontrapreneur as a play on words.

During our time together we talked about:

The sad reputation that still clings to lawyers

How important it is to get your messaging correct from the client’s point of view

Poached eggs

and more…


Check out the video here     

or read the blog post here

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments.


Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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