Want to hand things off to an amazing VA without a worry?

The Right Way the First Time:  Delegation Made Simple

Your Host: Dina Eisenberg Esq, Outsourcing Queen

If you want to get good at delegating, this Bootcamp is for you!

Delegation isn't hard but it's not simple

When you're used to doing everything yourself, it can be hard to start delegating.

It really helps to have an expert show you the ropes so you get the maximum value out of  working with an online virtual assistant.

I have navigated & hired from the major platforms like Upwork, Guru and Fiverr as well as the managed account platforms like Time, Etc and People per Hour.

If you ...

  • feel like you suck at delegation
  • worry about being scammed
  • feel frustrated and overwhelmed by the process of finding a great VA
  • want to avoid getting scammed or not getting your money's worth
  • never actually get what you ask for or want
  • pick the wrong projects to delegate

This A-Z delegation training is perfect for you!

You get Access to my Learning Portal, access to the Replay and:

  • detailed, actionable  how-to information in a thoughtful, step-by-step format. No more struggling with abstract concepts later
  • a proven process to find virtual assistants and select the right talent for the job
  • insider info on the best practices for hiring from/managing one online virtual assistant platforms
  • a how to search video you can put on repeat (in case you forget)
  • essential checklists and templates inside the learning portal
  • my gift to you- the  Virtual Assistant Resource List


How much would your life change at work and at home if you had a VA...

Delegation is a game-changer for you and your practice! Go from chaos to calm in no time flat.  You'll feel the positive impact of delegating immediately.  How much happier would you be if...

  • Your potential clients were always greeted professionally and you never missed a lead
  • Legal research was waiting for your review and you could focus on the case
  • Your bookkeeping was always up to date and invoices went out like clockwork without you lifting a finger
  • Colleagues & clients complimented you  because your social media is everywhere!
  • You break out of that feast or famine revenue cycle because your marketing machine is always turned on and manned by your team
  • You enjoy all the extra family time without feeling anxious
  • You STOP feeling guilty that things aren't getting done

Whether you're brand new to delegating online or an old hand, you'll get useful, new tips that make it easier.  The Live demo rocks!

Marietta Clardy-Davis, Esq. Marietta Clardy-Davis, Esq.

with your wisdom I found 2 freelancers on Fiverr and looking into more ways to outsource. I recommend Dina Eisenberg JD highly and this bootcamp I'm sure will be value packed!!!!

Patricia Boxter,  Esq. Patricia Boxter, Esq.

I’m a big fan of Upwork for social media management (I use 2 admins from that site) AND delegation Dina Eisenberg JD! THIS Bootcamp is a MUST for anyone who isn’t leveraging Upwork already!

I'll Show You How To:

  • Identify tasks that can be easily and profitably delegated
  • Identify the best platform for your project- account manager or none
  • Write a crystal clear job listing and attract only the talent you want
  • Find a trustworthy VA, What should you be looking for? What are red flags?
  • Avoid payment issues by using the platform What are best practices?
  • Set expectations that get met- give feedback so you get what you want!
  • LIVE DEMO Watch me search for a Social Media Manager! (You need one)
  • ACCESSPortal for the Replay, checklist, templates and more
  • BONUS! The Virtual Assistant Resource List yours free! Names from my personal collection

What happens if you don't grab Access?

Nothing really, and that's the point. You don't pass go or collect $200. You stay suck, overworked or afraid to act.  That's a damn shame.  You owe it to yourself (and your clients) to prepare for growth.

The Bootcamp is more like a mini-course than a simple replay of the live event.

Because the faster you get started, the quicker you see results, I beefed up the Portal.

You get the Delegation Made Simple Replay along with The Social Media Manager Hiring Plan & Checklist, What to Delegate list and a special gift, Virtual Assistant Resource List, my personal VA recommendations.

What is your time worth to you?