Practice tip!
Feeling overworked? There’s so much more to juggle now, what with the kids, working remotely and staying healthy.

How can you keep up with everything and still grow your practice?
Virtual help is virtually free!

Delegation leverages your time while adding a new income stream ( billing out your paralegal)

Yes you can do the legal research or drafting yourself but does it make more sense to ‘spend’ your hourly rate $300 doing it yourself or to hire someone at a lower rate $65 that you can bill for at $125?

Yes, it’s scary to trust someone you never met before to do work for you. It feels like your license is at risk.

But, just like driving a 2 ton car, you can learn how to delegate safely.

Yes, it feels prudent not to spend money while things are so uncertain.
But, uncertainty is always a factor. And if you won’t invest in yourself to grow your practice , why would clients invest their time, energy and money working with you?

Delegation is a very effective tool for rapid growth.

If you’ve been putting delegating off until:

  • you know more
  • you have more clients
  • it gets really bad
  • you save up

I’m afraid you won’t make it off the struggle bus or experience the joy of having a smooth-running profitable practice

I put aside 5 complimentary slots in my calendar for you if you’re ready to make that change. Contact me

You’ll be so glad you started delegating. Here’s what Danielle Brown said:

“I am so glad that I attended Dina’s Delegation Made Simple Bootcamp. I learned so much and feel confident that I can start delegating work out now that I have a process in place. I would highly recommend the bootcamp if you were overwhelmed like me and are ready to free up some of your time.”

Want to learn more about the Delegation Bootcamp, click here


Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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