“The TOP 3 Chores Entrepreneurs Should Delegate Right Now during COVID



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Tuesday, September 8
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    Why now is an amazing time to delegate more

    It seems counterintuitive given the times, right? Let me show you h different way to think about that that feels good.

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    Set yourself up for the win!

    When you combine the best-for-you strategy with proven systems and a carefree attitude, your outsourcing mojo is strong! You'll get my easy-to-use framework

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    Top 3 Chores to Delegate Right NOW!

    It feels prudent and virtuous to do these things yourself, but IT IS NOT. You're costing yourself time, and more importantly, wasting energy if you continue to do these things.

Dina Eisenberg, Outsourcing Queen

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QUESTION:  How much happier will you be in six months if you decide to make a change now?

Why Listen to Me?

Hey, I'm Dina Eisenberg, award-winning entrepreneur, former prosector, Ombuds and 20+ year business owner.

I found out the hard way what happens to your business and life when you fail to delegate.  So, I made it my mission to teach effective delegation strategies so you wouldn't have to.  I wrote the Buyers Guide to Fiverr and am a frequent podcast guest where I talk about the future of law, delegation, self-care and being intentional.

I love helping law firm leaders and other entrepreneurs to reclaim your time and power using delegation.

What would you do if you knew you had no limits because help was always available?

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