I love when the Universe takes the opportunity to make me a beginner again. it used to be so annoying, oy! Now, I see it as an opportunity to sharpen my resilience and resourcefulness skills and get a close up look at what my clients are working with 🙂   I set up the automation for my Time-starved to Worry-Free Challenge in Convertkit based on their tutorials, which are pretty good. However, the tutorials are not strategic. There are simple, more effective ways to do things.
Good life lesson, right?

Be strategic about hosting a challenge, Lawyer

Just because you learn something doesn’t mean your education is over.
Thankfully, I could reach out to their excellent support crew and one of my own Convertkit resources for help.

This is why doing a beta pays off BIG TIME. I’ll be able to refine and streamline the entire Challenge for next time.  Where can you apply this lesson in your law practice?  Where can your continuing education make a big difference (I’m looking at you outsourcing)

Be transparent about mistakes. Everybody wins, Lawyer

Why am I sharing this mistake with you?
  1. I want to be transparent. This break right out the box sometimes.
  2. I want you to do this Challenge 🙂
  3. I want you to consider using Convertkit for your own challenge.
Yes, you.

Grow your email list by using a Challenge, Lawyer

The Moon is in a creative phase right now which is a great time to experiment with new ideas for marketing your law practice.
Tax lawyers, now would be a perfect time to do a tax planning challenge to get clients ready for next year, right?
The bankruptcy amount is about to decrease on Nov 1. This would be a great time to remind potential clients and do a challenge to prepare them, right, Bankruptcy lawyers
Family lawyers, you know the holidays get messy. Do a challenge to help separated parents make agreements on how to behave through the holidays.
 Estate planning lawyers, how about a challenge to get those power of attorney and trust docs signed before the end of the year?
You see what I’m doing there. Hosting a challenge will grow your email list and some of the participants will become new clients or repeat clients.  
Best of all you don’t have to do all the work yourself.  You can outsource the work like creating the video, email, and group post graphics.  You definitely want to hire my Convertkit resource to set up your automation, or at least, audit your DIY work.

Interested in hosting a Challenge to grow your email list?  Get the Planning Checklist!


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Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of OutsourceEasier.com, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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