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Take the towering pile of work off your plate & focus on what you want

Carefreeu The 1st business delegation subscription box for Lawyers + Small Business Owners

Stop overworking. Get things done. Add $2500 monthly

Does this sound like you?

  • Overworked because you insist on doing ALL the THINGS in your law firm or small business
  • Frustrated because you ignore your family, friends and your inner desire to go out and play
  • Overwhelmed by all decisions that come with being responsible for running a business
  • Strung-out and stressed on a daily basis without any real sign of relief

Lawyering is hard

Lawyering is hard. You feel like you're drowning in the quicksand of nothing is ever done! 

You work harder, longer hours to catch up and all that happens is you are bone tired, resentful and not fit to be around other people.

You dread your desk because it's just a pile of more things that you don't have time for.  This is not what you signed up for in law school.

You wonder, do I even want to be a lawyer anymore?

You need an easy-to-use, on-demand team

The truth is, at your hourly rate, you should be lawyering and serving clients.

Not doing the playing with Active campaign automations. Or doing data entry. Or, tallying your own hours. That's ridiculous.

Doing the chores that keep your business running is COSTING you money when you should be making more money instead!

You need a team who can take all that essential work that you shouldn't be doing off your plate.


You've heard of Birchbox and Stitch Fix, right?  They are monthly subscription boxes that send makeup and clothing directly to your home.


Carefreeu is a digital subscription box and we send a monthly delegation project, tutorial, virtual help recommendations to your home as well as invite you to subscriber-only events.

Carefreeu is an affordable way for you to delegate time-consuming and repetitive tasks, discover quality freelance talent and get expert advice on what to outsource.

Your time is valuable and you should be able to spend it the way you want.

What is inside your Carefreeu Box?

Inside your Carefreeu Box, you get:

Digital monthly delegation project kit  that includes a tutorial for a project that will help you grow your firm, my recommendations for who to work with from my Talent Library that I built during a decade of outsourcing.

*** My personal recommendations for virtual assistants or professionals are a big deal. That saves you hours & hours of time, frustration and worry because I share resources you would not have found on your own


Delegation Training- know what to delegate, how to delegate effectively without wasting time or money via video and written materials.

Accountability- Life happens. You get busy and things fall to the back burner. We help you stay on track with invitations to our:

Monthly Office Hour to get answers to those nagging questions that delay progress.

Monthly Coworking session, Business + Beer, to meet like-minded business owners and work on delegating or anything else that needs to get done.


 This isn't one of those 'we teach you how then you're on your own' deals.  We are with you every step of the way.

What projects can you delegate with Carefreeu Box?

For Lawyers


Drafting Motions/Complaints

Sending Billing

Reviewing Medical Records

Ordering supplies


Assembling Litigation Binders

Hiring Virtual Receptionist

Recruiting Freelance Lawyers


For Small Business Owners + Lawyers

Social Media


Content Creation




Creating Sales Funnel

Hiring Virtual Assistants

Delegating Video Editing




Who is Carefreeu For?

You value your time and money (and don't want to waste either one)

You want to earn more by delegating lower level tasks into capable hands

You value your health, but can't remember the last time you stepped foot in the gym

You crave guilt-free time to do the things you love like Netflix and hanging with the family

You like technology and want to put it to work for you to save time and effort

You want a joyful, sustainable law firm that's profitable and suits you.



  • You think your practice or business is too regulated to use help
  • You don't trust other professionals like bookkeepers and accountants
  • You'd never hire a stranger, an unknown person, to help you
  • You don't trust yourself to make good decisions
  • You're not bothered by the fact that you are the bottleneck in your business

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Come on! You get all this for just $59 a month.  That's a great deal.

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You'll be like a kid in a candy shop with all the resources and training in the Box.  That's a good and BAD thing.  You might get overwhelmed or confused about where to start.

That's why this BONUS call is so helpful. Together, we'll pinpoint exactly what you should delegate first in your business. You make the best use of your time without guessing.

Normally, a clarity session with me is $275 but you won't pay that as an Early Bird subscriber.  You get this valuable opportunity free along with my best suggestions for next steps.

WANT TO SAVE EVEN MORE?  Choose the annual option- pay for 10 months & get 12!!

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Who is Dina Eisenberg JD

Dina Eisenberg, Esq Outsourcing Strategist

Hi I'm Dina

I'm a lawyer/Ombudsman turned award-winning entrepreneur. I've owned my own business for 20 years and reached the illusive 6 figure mark.

When my former husband lost his million dollar business after a health emergency because he refused to delegate, I suffered pain, uncertainty and a divorce.  I knew there were plenty of other lawyers and small business owners who were also resisting delegation and that I could help them avoid my fate.

I offer private coaching through OutsourceEasier.com but wanted to reach more people. That's why I created Carefreeu to make it easy for biz owners like you to grow and safeguard your most important asset- YOU- your mind, energy, health and time.

Inside the Box, I share my experience, insights and the talented professionals I've come to know after a decade of outsourcing with you.  Hard work is inevitable but overwhelm is optional!

What our users say

Thank you so much for the call not only did it give me clear steps to proceed in a successful and strategic manner but I really appreciate your raw truth, honesty and support I highly recommend it for anyone who needs clarity.

Mariette Lynn Clardy-Davis Esq

Dina helped me get "unstuck" in some important decision-making about expanding my business. She recommended honing in on the services that I offer to provide targeted, strategic communications vs. soup to nuts marketing. Her insights have given me more joy in my work and more satisfied clients.

Denise Moorehead
  • Get control of your time

    Leverage your time so you can focus on the things that matter most to you

  • Talent and Tools at your fingertips

    No more searching hours for virtual help then wondering if you made the right decision or worrying about outcomes. You have trustworthy, experience professionals waiting to help you.

  • Grow better faster!

    Imagine all plans and ideas you can implement because you have a smart, caring team backing you up, sharing their wisdom and talents and freeing up your time.

Transform work life and accelerate your growth!

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