Reveal your Authentic Law Firm Culture

First Step to Building your Trustworthy Team | Livestream Masterclass

Thursday  JUNE 13 2pm PT/ 5pm ET

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Easily  identify your values, beliefs and needs and communicate them accurately and consistently to your new hires so your team can support you the way you like!   Discover...

  • Learn Onboarding is the smartest investment you could make so you can grow effectively & save hiring costs
  • Assess your current law firm culture so you can reveal beliefs and thoughts that cause misunderstanding and block your growth
  • Adopt the easy 3 C Framework so that you consistently create trustworthy, engaged, loyal employees

Who is this FREE Masterclass is perfect for?

Solo and small law firm owners who want to:

    • add team without a hassle

    • improve their current culture & retain employees

    • build a culture by design, not default

A paycheck is not enough to retain your good employees.

I hear lawyers say getting paid should be enough. That’s sad...and costly. It costs $14k each time you hire. A dissatisfied employee who leaves you quickly doubles that expense!!

Your new hire joined your law firm for a reason. That reason was not just a paycheck. (Someone who is there just for the coin won't give you their full work potential.)  They want to belong and contribute to something greater like your mission to help others solve their legal problems.

If you want your employees to perform better and be reliable  then you need to create a culture that supports that goal.  Connection and culture are the first step towards your building your caring, trustworthy team!

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  I could have spent hours searching on the internet, talking to lawyers, mulling it over in my mind. I decided to try coaching. I found that her work as a female attorney, Ombudsman, and business woman, was what I need to  GID.  Get It Done.

Elizabeth A. Smith Esq

It was evident from the first time I virtually met Dina that she's a person who has so much knowledge and information to share with anyone who needs help delegating in their business. After our coaching session, I left with the information and confidence I needed to go and find those professionals that I could outsource work to and know that I am making the right decision. Highly recommended!

Michelle Shupe-Abbas Esq

Dina Eisenberg JD

Dina Eisenberg is a lawyer/Ombuds turned award-winning consultant. Dina loves helping small and boutique law firms to avoid burnout, earn more and free up time by mastering the skill of delegating and onboarding properly. Learn more about her group program, private coaching, and subscription box at