If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with a group. South African Proverb

I absolutely believe in team and collaboration. We get by with a little help from our friends.

People believed that I had enormous power as the Corporate Ombudsman. After all, I reported to the President! But, reality was a lot different.

I accomplished the majority of my work through collaboration with others. I leveraged partners throughout the business to help me achieve the organizational goals that were my mission. I became an expert at gathering support and delegating.

As a small biz owner, you might not think that collaboration is for you. After all, you can do everything yourself and save a bundle of money, right?

Eh, wrong.

No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or take all the credit. Andrew Carnegie

You recognize that name, right? Carnegie. The steel giant who became a major philanthropist responsible for our library system and Carnegie-Mellon University. Big delegation fan.

Carnegie amassed a fortune because he was willing to let go and put the talents of others to his good use. I’m suggesting that you do the same and put the talents of a writer, financial team, lawyer, virtual assistant and Web person to good use in your small business.

I wanted to share with you my picks for your 2017 Business Dream Team and what each can do for you. I’ll dive deeper into each role over the course of the next few weeks, starting with your writer.

Give yourself permission to get support

Did you know that 98% of entrepreneurs say that their biggest challenge is doing everything themselves and not having enough time?

Would you agree with this statement? Is it true for you?

There is a myth about the self-made millionaire that lingers. Entrepreneurs believe that they should do everything themselves, and take pride in how endlessly busy they are these days.

Even as we say we want more time we fill it up with unnecessary tasks. The other day I was in a discussion where this came up. Someone suggested that all this busyness is about justifying value. That idea intrigued me.

Some solopreneurs prefer to stay overwhelmed because they believe it signifies to their clients (and to them) that their value must be high because they are in such demand. They refuse to let go fearing that there won’t be anything left for them to do.

Ummmm, no.

You know what Michael Gerber, author of the E-Myth Revisited, would say don’t you? You’re being the technician in your business when you insist on doing everything.

Give yourself permission to seek out and effectively use experts in topics where you don’t have the interest or knowledge to be effective.. Be the visionary. Be the brain, not the brawn..

‘Virgin’s ability to grow and diversify successfully was set in the company’s early days, with my learning how to delegate and let go.

Who is on your Biz Dream Team?

Your biz dream team is like the Celtics back in the day. When you got Bird, Parrish and Chief on the floor working their game, well, game over. No contest. I have no idea why I love sports analogies when I’m not a big sports fan. Who knows?

Your Biz Dream Team is a very nice lineup that covers you so you can make the big 3 pointer (more money, more time, more growth- woosh).

Introduuuuuccccing your Biiiiiiiz Dream Team!!!

Coming out first we have your Writer!

your writer is essential
your writer is essential
You have to bring your A game. As a small biz owner you have to convey to your prospects and clients your value quickly and clearly so that they understand how you can improve their life. That can be hard to do when you are ‘all up in it’ on a daily basis. You lose your objectivity and can’t see the shine because you ARE the shine.

That’s why you need a great copywriter to take your story and present it in the most compelling manner to your audience.

The writer can help you…

Polish your branding story. Storytelling is super important to sharing who you are and why you do what you do. I tell the story of my husband losing his business because he didn’t delegate as a powerful cautionary tale. How can your story drive home the value of your business?

Be a 30 second Rockstar. Am I the only one who sucks at BNI when it’s time to introduce yourself? The pressure is INTENSE to come up with something informative, creative and blessedly short. Your writer can create multiple openers for you.

Get to the heart of the matter. We buy based on emotion, not logic, according to brain science. Your writer knows which words to use to visually paint a picture and generate emotions that lead to sales.

Your writer can create an attention-grabbing, stand out elevator pitch for each market you select. Personally, I have one message that I share with lawyers, CPAs, therapist and other professionals and another that I share with entrepreneurs. Same message shaped slightly differently for each group to increase retention.

Of course, that’s not all your writer will do for you, but don’t you think that’s a great start? In addition to making you sound like the rockstar you are, your writer can create your:

Homepage copy
Sales page copy
Blog posts
Guest posts
Elevator pitch
White paper (you can check out mine here)

Do you want the benefits of storytelling but don’t have the time or interest? Join me for a discussion on how to outsource to a writer.

Next, let me introduce your Financial Team!!

Seriously, you need a financial team, even if you’re a 1 man shop. I bet when you think financial, you’re thinking bookkeeper or accountant. Truth be told, you need a bookkeeper, accountant and wealth advisor. accounting-image

Tell me if this is true for you. According to the 2015 Small Business Infusionsoft survey, the number one dreaded task for entrepreneurs is: finances!

Raising my hand over here! I am a lawyer for a reason. I don’t love numbers and we’ve had a funky relationship for years. Mainly, I’d ignore the numbers until I needed to do something like pay taxes.

That lead to another problem: paperwork shame. I literally took a shoebox of receipts to my first bookkeeper. Thankfully, Kathy had a ton of patience with me as I learned to be a better client. I realized that many entrepreneurs also dread and avoid the finances and get into deep trouble.

You know you need a financial team: bookkeeper, accountant and wealth advisor. These folks are the hands, brains and vision of your business. One tip from your accountant could save you thousands of dollars in self-employment taxes.

What you might not know is how to hire a financial team who gets that you are number-phobic and likes that challenge. Let me share a couple of tips.

Look for testimonials that share some of your issues. “I can in with a shoebox and she turned it into cash!” Social proof is a wonderful thing.

Read websites to discover the professional’s personality and values. The about section is a good place to start but also read the Linkedin profile to get a fuller picture.

The key is finding financial professionals that you trust without question. Like you’d be very comfortable telling this person that you’ve worn your underwear two days in a row. Who could you say that to? Someone who you know won’t judge you!!

In addition to helping you to keep more of the money you earn, your financial team can help you:

Pick the most cost effective business structure (sole, LLC, corp)
Set up your chart of accounts in your online accounting software
Reconcile your accounts
Do billing
Help you set prices correctly
Forecast your financial picture
Create a wealth plan
Do your taxes

By the way, I like working with Profit First professionals who use the process laid out in the book by the same name. This method allows you to stop doing accounting every week and limit it to a simply transfer of funds twice a month. Very simple. My bookkeeper, Billie Ann Griggs specializes in it and that’s part of the reason I chose her.
Billie Anne knows the system and totally gets me!

Now, bringing up your Lawyer

your lawyer is essential to your success
your lawyer is essential to your success
Ok. I get it. Lawyers aren’t really who you want to hang around with. However, your lawyer is more than just your mouthpiece if you get into trouble. Your lawyer is a vital part of your business growth, too.

To be clear, you want to work with a lawyer who specializes in small business or business law. Lawyers are problem-solvers who hate risk so unless you work with someone who is accustomed to entrepreneurs you will be very frustrated.

Hiring a lawyer can seem daunting. Can I tell you a little secret? Your attorney is a small business owner too who happens to have specialized knowledge. Relate to him or her that way and you’ll feel like it’s more of a balance of power.

That fact is also useful when it comes to fees. Lawyers negotiate their fees. There are so many more models for payment now so ask if you want or need a different fee arrangement. Don’t need ongoing legal services? Use one of the online sites like Avvo or UpCounsel.

I used an UpCounsel attorney to execute my LLC for a fixed price, even though I am an attorney. It’s a little more expensive than Avvo but the upside is I have a relationship with an attorney I can call anytime. (you only pay for the time you use)

In addition to representing you against a lawsuit, your attorney can help you:

Identify the proper business entity structure (along with your accountant)
Write custom contracts
Write custom Terms of Service
Be a referral source
Introduce you to funding

Let me know if you’d like the name of my attorney on UpCounsel.

Make some noise for your Virtual Assistant!

A general virtual assistant(GVA) is a remote worker who helps you get things done in your business. VAs are great to help you complete administrative and marketing tasks that are time-consuming for you or beyond your skill level.

your VA is essential
your VA is essential

Your VA can work on a part-time or full time basis, usually for an hourly rate. US-based VAs start around $35-50 per/hour, depending on their specialization.

You can have a VA handle

your inbox- email sorting and responding
customer service requests
social media creation and promotion
creating marketing materials like newsletters and infographics
research and prospecting
Scheduling calls

This is not an exhaustive list by any means.Your VA can help you at home with personal tasks, too, like researching airfare for your dream trip to Barcelona (oh, that’s me- lol).

While I placed the VA hire behind that of your lawyer, financial team and writer, you could hire a VA earlier to assist you with getting the business organized enough to outsource. It’s simply a matter of budget.

Last but not least on the starting lineup- your Web Person!

your web person is essential
your web person is essential
The Internet is crucial to running a profitable business. Customers expect you to have a well-functioning, good-looking website. 81% of consumers check you out online before contacting you. Online review sites like are part of business life because 90% of consumers check those places in addition to your website.

You must have an up-to-date, relevant online presence. That means you must have a web person on your team to take care of the tech stuff. Sure, you could do it yourself and save money. But what’s more expensive getting an expert the first time or having the expert fix your mess?

Your web person will be in charge of

installing WordPress and your theme
installing and updating plugins
setting up your SEO optimization
updating your theme
dealing with hosting issues
ongoing maintenance
emergency backups

This past year was the worst tech year of my life. I lost my entire hard drive. What saved the day? Having a strong tech team to restore and recreate saved my bacon and my sanity. There’s nothing more reassuring than having your tech guy (or gal) say, I got this.

I like to say that a website is like a garden. There’s always work to do! Thankfully, you don’t have to be the one to do it!

Build your own Dream Team

Wow, we covered a lot. You now know the teammates who should be on your A team to ensure that your business runs smoothly without overwhelm. But you might be saying, how can I afford this? I have two thoughts for you.

One, how can you afford not to prepare your business? Right now, you and your business are fine and healthy. No day is given. Unexpected illnesses and accidents happen all the time. You owe it to yourself to put in systems that safeguard you and your income.

Two, use your freed up time on income generating tasks that cover the expense. If it costs less for a team member to do something than it costs for your time to do it, it’s time to outsource it and better leverage that time. I quickly stopped making my own graphics once I realized DIYing a good one cost me $500!

You know my story. It’s pennywise and pound foolish not to invest in help. My husband refused to organize his business or hire help and he paid dearly when a sneeze caused a medical emergency. He lost a million dollar business in a week. I’d hate to see something like that happen to you.

Building your team and putting in systems protects your greatest asset–YOU!

How many of these fabulous professionals do you have in your business? Who is next on your hire list?

To get an infographic of this info as your cheatsheet, just drop your name and email below.


Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of OutsourceEasier.com, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

    11 replies to "Presenting Your 2017 Business Dream Team"

    • Robin McIntire

      Dina! You are so speaking to me, here! Trying to do my biz and be my biz is wearing me out on the techi side of things! I will need to grow into some of the bigger steps as I grow, but I think about collaboration every single day! (feel like I’m on an island).

      Your energy comes through so loud and clear, love that you keep things light hearted as you share important biz information.

      I registered for your Storytelling Webinar on the 26th and also responded in Boom to your offer in Ignite it forward. I would love to chat if the offer still stands! 🙂

      • DLE

        Hey Robin, thanks for coming by and being so open. My offer absolutely stands. Im reaching out to you. I’d be delighted to talk with you.

    • Candess M. Campbell

      Dina, this is a great list. It gives me hope. I’ve become discouraged with the quality of the work I have gotten lately from people I hired.

      • DLE

        So glad to hear that, Candess. You know there’s always a possibility of disappointment but I’ve found success more times than not. Thanks for coming by

    • Meghan Monaghan

      Loving the basketball analogy and your tips! When it comes down to it, I can’t decide if entrepreneurs don’t delegate because they want the “busy” badge or because they have such tight budgets. As a solopreneur myself, I’m completely fine with the concept of outsourcing and delegation. My issue is more with the time it takes to manage other people. Often the time I spend managing the work could have been spent doing the work. I laughed out loud at your comment about introducing yourself! That’s me! Introducing myself and briefly describing what I do will render me speechless. I have a Master’s degree in writing, yet sometimes writing for myself is horribly difficult. I’d love a sales writer, but I’m still considering the cost/benefit at the moment. 🙂 Loved your advice and that your personality came through in your writing.

      • DLE

        Meghan, you so rock. Thanks for joining the conversation. I hear from clients that it’s the extra managing that gets them, too. I tend to ask, what are you managing?

        I have a degree in English and Publishing studies on top of being a lawyer and writing still kicks my butt. It’s a mental block.

        I think it’s because I revere books and writing that writing becomes so difficult. I know exactly what life-changing writing looks like! But that thinking robs me and my readers of the opportunity to have that experience. Im working on it!

      • DLE

        Meghan,I think it’s a little bit of both: busy badge and budget. Thing is, the budget is easier to fix. The busy thing is a mindset shift I’m hoping to take people through. Outsourcing seems like an expense but it can actually drive income, if you plan for that. Thanks for coming by!

    • Erin

      I appreciate your breakdown and the rationale!!! I love my web person and couldn’t imagine my team without him! I 100% agree with putting systems into place. I didn’t realize HOW critical this was until I started doing it. Such useful tips! Thank you for sharing.

      • DLE

        I ADORE my web guy. And wish that everyone finds someone like we have. Thanks for joining the conversation.

    • Kristen Wilson

      Wow.. what a robust list and account… I agree that having a team can be so much more valuable.. you know, two heads are better than one and it’s super important those team members all have the same vision as you, the business, or that they truly understand your goals. Helpful! Thank you.

    • Sarit Lotem

      I love it. Thanks for the breakdown and I will definitely keep you in mind.

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