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“I just wanted to share how brilliant I think Dina Eisenberg is…she absolutely blew us away with her unique approach to outsourcing and virtual teams.

Patty Farmer
Patty Farmer, International

Dina Lynch Eisenberg shares 'What is Delegation?' (2:55)

Podcast Appearances

A dynamic, sought-after speaker, Dina Eisenberg offers an inspiring, compelling experience for her audiences who are discovering the awesome power of outsourcing.

Warm & accessible, Dina loves busting the myths surrounding outsourcing and providing clear, actionable steps that bring immediate results.

  • Outsourcing: Discover what to outsource & how to prepare for success
  • Delegation Learn the secrets to letting go without losing control
  • Leadership: Embrace your natural leadership style & cultivate a team that 'gets' you

Speaking Topics

  • Why Outsourcing Doesn't Work and What to Do about It

    Outsourcing works, but only if you are doing it right. Discover the pitfalls and potholes that entrepreneurs fall into while trying to leverage their time effectively.

  • 5 Essential Teammates Your Business Can't SucceedEntre Without

    Entrepreneurs believe that if you want something done right you gotta do it yourself. Trouble is, there’s only one you.  Discover the 5 teammates that will allow your business to grow and prosper without grinding you to a pulp.

  • Don't Fool Yourself: Business is Personal

    Business is always personal but we like to pretend that it’s not.  Get educated on how emotional intelligence, the next big thing, can make a huge impact on you, your clients and sales.

There were 10 of us a room in Westport, Connecticut speaking with and seeing Dina, in real time, who lives in Northern California. One of the things Dina is expert in is helping business owners outsource technology issues, and she demonstrated it perfectly for us.

Jane Pollak, Remarkable Women

Meet Dina Lynch Eisenberg

Dina Eisenberg JD is an author, speaker and Authority Lifeguard who founded OutsourceEasier.com, the first outsourcing resource for experts and small business owners. A veteran of over 100+ successful transactions, Dina knows online outsourcing like the back of her hand and is eager to share how to transform outsourcing from an expense to a profit center

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