Want to feel re-invigorated? Do you want to have an delicious, full sense of well-being, relaxation and peace?  Have a massage!

Yes, you need a massage.

What I love about solopreneurs and self-employed folks is that you have untold amounts of passion and energy that you pour into your business.  Over and over and over again.  You understand that your business needs your attention, dare I say it, love to survive. You have grit.

What you lack, I’m sorry to say my friend, is perspective and balance. You are stuck in the weeds. Stomping out fires. Doing the grunt work. One more hour. The idea of a rest or vacation is always in the illusive ‘someday’ realm.  I can say this because I have been there (and can get there quickly if left unchecked).

Being a business owner takes an enormous toll on your body, mind and spirit. When I was first divorced with two kids under 6 to support, I worked like a demon.  Easily 60+ hours a week on the regular.  It got so bad my doctor said she expected to meet me in the emergency room in a few months (and I probably wouldn’t make it). I was a workaholic’s workaholic. I changed some of my ways but never really stopped pushing.

Years later, I broke.  I developed two serious chronic illnesses.  I’d been wishing for a quiet life, eh viola,  I got it.  To keep working, I had to seriously amend my ways.  My body got to be the boss of me for a change.  It chafed but I learned to like it.

The best medicine for me was a regime of  yoga, meditation and bodywork, loads of bodywork. I started with massage and I’ve been hooked every since.


Massage Therapist is an Essential Teammate

I know. I know. Some people don’t like to be touched. It is a little weird to be naked in front of someone who isn’t family,  a doctor or someone you’re having sex. Get over that because the rewards are boundless.

Massage helps you to:

  • Reduce the stress hormones in your system
  • Increase the feel good hormones in your system
  • Feel better faster. (A 15 minute massage is all it takes to begin the healing)
  • Ease anxiety and depression (more entrepreneurs are sharing these struggles)
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Concentrate better
  • Sleep better and longer

What Kind of Massage

Gosh, there are so many different types of massage to love. You probably know about a swedish massage which is known for the long, gentle strokes.  My nickname is ‘the Rock’ so I like deep tissue massage that helps release the knots and tension in my muscles.   I also like sacro-cranial massage, where the therapist  holds your head and neck. Deeply relaxing but probably not medically therapeutic.  Who cares? It feels great. I float out of the office. Experiment with different types of massage to see which you enjoy more. You’re not hurting anyone’s feelings if you move on.

What’s Massage Like?

Heaven. Yes, you might be a bit nervous the first time, especially if you haven’t heard the rules.  Most folks are naked. The therapist uses a drape to safeguard  your privacy.  My teammate, Juliette, is an expert at draping. I always feel secure and covered (even when most of me is not). Your comfort is most important so only disrobe if you want to.

Usually there’s a chair to leave your clothes and purse. Don’t forget to take off your jewelry and have a glass of water beforehand. Skip the heavy meal or exercising beforehand. Get undressed and hop under the covers face up.

Talking during a session is a mixed bag.  I like a connection with my therapist so we touch base first. (More on picking a therapist in a minute). Usually it’s about the weather or something light, but she always asks if I have any special needs. I always do- my neck is like steel. However, you don’t have to talk and your therapist will understand that.  Yesterday someone was talking outside my therapy room and I asked Juliette to handle it. Don’t be afraid to ask for the rest you are paying for!

After your massage, you’ll feel amazing. Luxuriate in that for a minute or five. Don’t jump up and start getting dressed. This is the perfect time to think about your blessings and envision your future while you are relaxed and open to change.

Where to get your massage?

You have options galore. Someone in your circle of entrepreneurs is seeing a great massage therapist. Ask around. Meet the therapist before making an appointment, if you can.  Ilene was my therapist for years and years when I lived in Boston.  There was something about her touch. She put a lot of healing and other woo woo modalities into her work that got me through some difficult times. (Sending her some light)  Find that connection of trust.  Don’t settle.  By the way, massage therapist go through extensive training before being licensed.

Want to try massage at a lower price point?  Try places like Massage Envy. Many of their therapists are new to practice and building their experience, which means you get a massage at a great price (but the experience may vary).

Another cool way to try massage is to find a massage school. Students need to practice.  I had a friend who gave each of us a massage as he was working toward his hours commitment.

Juliette Wilk of Balance Massage in Oakland is my massage guru. Her hands (and elbows) are like knot seeking ninjas that blast away my tension. I like heavy pressure and although, you wouldn’t guess it because of her size, Juliette is STRONG!   We’re working on getting my entire body relaxed and loose. ha! that may take a while but I’m willing to put in the work LOL

What’s your favorite massage experience?


Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of OutsourceEasier.com, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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    • Beth Ann Chiles

      You walked me through the massage process like a pro since I am one of “those” who have never ventured there. I know, I know! You might have gotten me hooked with your description and I just happen to have a gift certificate for a local place that my son got me for my birthday. I will report back. 🙂

      • DLE

        Goodie! I can’t wait to hear!

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