Branding. What the heck is it?? Branding is one of those words that people pretend to understand, but really don’t. The branding discussion amongst the lawyers at Lawyernomics was one of the best I’ve heard. Hat tip to Avvo leader Suzie Peters and Jennifer Brandt of Cozen O’Connor for hitting it out of the park. Let jump in, shall we?

What is Branding?

Like the word happiness, branding tries to defy definition. Is it your website colors or your business card? Nope. These are manifestations of your branding, but not your brand.

Your brand is how people feel about working with you. It’s what people say about you when you’re not around.

Think for a minute. What are the typical reactions that consumers had about attorneys? Cold, logical, greedy, unfeeling, you name it.

What can you do to stand out and above the other attorneys a client might be considering? Have a better experience!!

Lawyers are notoriously scary and mysterious to many clients who are meeting you at their lowest moment. Make things easy!!

Here are a few tips to make you the lawyer clients talk about—in a good way!

Be the Lawyer who…

Stand out by branding yourself as ‘the lawyer who’. Jennifer Brandt noticed that very few lawyers in her practice area, family law, were taking advantage of the media. She began to accept opportunities to be on television and radio.

Soon, new media outlets were asking Jennifer to share her legal expertise with their audiences. Imagine the credibility, interests and leads Jennifer generates.

What is unique about you or your practice that you can spin into branding?

Be Easy & Informative

Seems obvious, right? But unfortunately, many law firms craft their user experiences with their best interests in mind, not their clients. Here’s an example of this low hanging fruit– electronic signing.

improving customer experience
electronic signature

We live in a digital world where the majority of people are making transactions online. Legal consumers are signing documents and making payments online with other service providers but can’t get the same ease of use with their attorney.

Worried about the tech and ethics? Check out LawPay, a Inc 500 ranked service for accepting credit card payments, which manages the needs of lawyers like compliance and separating earned and unearned fees properly.

You can easily send your clients an email invoice and get paid faster

Be Community-Minded

Increase your visibility and stay top of mind with prospects because your community sees you everywhere. Select activities where your brand can be seen.

Supply the tee shirts for the local team if you’re a business lawyer. Or host a free signing party for seniors who haven’t done their medical directives yet if you’re an Estates attorney. Givers gain!

Yes, there will be a bit more work getting these new marketing ideas implemented but that’s where delegation comes in. You can outsource the following items:

-Hire a virtual assistant to research the local media and who you should approach
-Automate payment with a service like LawPay and have your assistant do the set up
-Use Fiverr to find a graphic designer to create your tee shirt or flyer designs

Want to brush up on your outsourcing skills? Sure, here’s the best outsourcing course available


Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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