I am a gadget girl. Outsourcing is not only about working with virtual assistants. It also means using the right tools for the job. Today, I am sharing four digital tools that will not only make running your law practice easier, but help you boost your revenues. Who doesn’t love that?

Outsourcing your Intake

You are the boss of your practice but that doesn’t mean you must have your fingers in every pie.  You do not need to be the one to take client intake calls. Really. Clients tell me that they have to do the intake for potential clients  because they know the right questions to ask. They say clients want to talk to you directly. Poppycock! Spending time talking to potential clients who may or may not qualify to be your clients is not the best use of your time.

You can save your time and maintain the quality of new clients by working with a virtual receptionist.  Your receptionist can use your scripted questions to determine if potential clients so you don’t get trapped on the phone or accidentally giving free legal advice.  Even better, working with a company like Smith.ai means that you can create a workflow system where your receptionist screens clients then qualified lead are fed into your system, including on to your email list. No more retyping.  
Definitely give Smith a try  with the 10 call trial. Then, once you’re satisfied, use this code DINA50 to get $50 off your first month.

Collect your Cash

Isn’t it ironic that lawyers are great with causing or resolving conflict for others, but are so bad at managing their own conflicts.  I’m talking about non-paying clients. I know lawyers who wait months before sending out invoices and others who let unpaid invoices drag on for years.  Neither is a good look. Hire help to collect your money.

You may not want to work with a conventional collection agency. That’s fine. But do look at alternative options like using your Smith.ai virtual receptionist to make the payment collection calls. You’ll be able to turn an awkward situation into a high touch, thoughtful encounter that helps clients get over feeling embarrassed and get on with paying you.

Increasing your collections rate is the low hanging fruit when it comes to increasing your overall revenues.

Open a Portal to Communicate

The number one bar complaint is failure to communicate.  Did you know that? Clients want to be kept informed about the news and status of their legal matters.  You can do that without spending your time on the phone.

Technology like Case Status, a client relationship portal,  is your new best friend for creating happier clients.   This app allows you to give clients instant access to the information they want through the portal. Clients can check their status and ask questions–all without directly interacting with you.  Their secure communication platform allows you to be engaged yet reduce those client emails, phone calls and texts. You get to focus on practicing law- sweet!

Organize your Email

Be honest. Your email is a hot mess. You save emails thinking that you’ll get back to them later. Your email is like your digital post-it note where you use emails to remember tasks and projects. Your email is also your reading list where you stash online articles to read later. Am I right?

You can change all that by getting help. A butler. No, not a guy. I’m talking about Mailbutler, an extension that takes your email from chaos to calm. You can snooze email to allow you to focus. Use the send later feature to write emails at night and send in the morning so nobody has to know you were burning the midnight oil. Let the reminder feature tell you when to follow up.

Tools can expand your capacity to get more done in your law practice. Just be sure to use them properly. Invest the time to learn the tool. Become a power user of all its features. Create your own uses. An hour saved is an hour billed!


Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of OutsourceEasier.com, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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