Believe it or not, you are a salesperson, Lawyer. Yeah, I heard. Lawyers don’t sell.  But, really? 

Lawyers sell their ideas and theories on behalf of their clients.  We are always trying to persuade someone to do something, right?  So, why then, are lawyers so reluctant to sell?

That’s a great question that my guest who is an expert in business development for lawyers sets out to answer in our fun interview.  I love bringing you experts who think the way I do about growing your law practice.  It’s a business. You need to use business tactics and resources.

Read this interview with Susan C. Freeman of Freeman Means Business  Susan C Freeman talks delegation with Dina Eisenberg

Can you please tell me a little about your background and the services you offer?

I have over 25 years of business development and communications in the financial, legal, and technology areas. I am a master trainer, coach and public speaker, laser-focused on building positive and meaningful relationships and helping others become trusted advisors to their clients. My clients learn more about various communication styles and business development tools that attract new business, retain current clients, and expand on existing client relationships. The goal is to create not only satisfied clients – but loyal ones!

Why did you decide to offer your services?

Business development done properly is a win-win outcome where both parties walk away feeling good about the process. But women and men communicate differently in the workplace setting and often struggle to share visions. How women engage in relationship selling is different than how men engage.

How can lawyers benefit from your tool or service?

We help women learn how to engage in business development best practices by communicating effectively with other women and with men, especially when delivering a value proposition, assessing client needs, and engaging in a long-term relationship where both parties – the buyer and the seller – feel good about the exchange.

Name 3 things that potential users misunderstand about your service and set the record straight.

1. Behind every good business developer, there is a series of analytical, methodical steps that will get you closer to closing a deal. 2. But business development requires not only IQ but EQ. 3. We’ll help you attune your communication so your intended message reaches your audience and helps you: Demonstrate credibility Connect emotionally Frame goals based on common ground Vividly reinforce your position Close with grace and shared advantages Gather meaningful client feedback Request referrals and testimonials Engage in ongoing excellent client service Become a trusted partner to your clients Bring in new business

If lawyers don’t use your service or tool, what can they expect?

Lose market share and ultimately profits and people.

What’s the best actionable advice you can give lawyers? (tips, etc)

Ask powerful questions of the client and then actively listen so that you can afford a meaningful solution.

Do you have a special offer you’d like to share? If so what is it?

Happy to assess your needs and host an initial best practices session free of charge.

How can lawyers connect with you? List 2 social outlets

Preferred: (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn)

Wildcard- What’s your favorite food or beverage & why? 

Avocados. Are. The. Best. Fruit. In. The. Whole. World. Fruit, you say? Why yes… it may be hard to believe, but that tasty green thing is not a vegetable, but a fruit — a berry, to be exact. Honestly, there might be something slightly wrong with you if you don’t like avocado. I could happily eat it every day.
Podcast with Susan C Freeman


Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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