69% of lawyers say that administrative tasks are a significant challenge for them in managing their law practice, according to the Thomson and Reuters study, How Small Firms Grow. Lawyering is all about paper- reading paper, filing paper, asking other lawyers if they have templates of the paper. Sheesh. But most of all, we spend our time searching for paper, as in ‘where did I put that…’ Not very efficient.

I’m so guilty. The lawyer in me finds comfort in paper, although I draw the line at legal pads. Just can’t do them. I STILL never write on the first page of a tablet. #weirdlawyerhabits Alas, paper is not my friend or yours.

Let’s turn over a new leaf together

Seriously though, you lose almost 23 hours a month to non-billable projects. Your income and energy will increase when the stress of being disorganized is gone.

I talk a lot about how creating systems, routines, workflows (what I call Legends- the story of the project or your law practice) will liberate you from the time and money leaks in your law business. Doing administrative work yourself is a leak. Admin, not matter how easy or fast, is not your genius work. Your genius work is law.

I have fallen into bad habits around organizing my gmail, google drive and g suite. I plan to spend the next few weeks figuring out how to make those very powerful business tools work together well for me.

Would you like to come along? You’re invited to join me on my journey to a practice that practically runs itself.

Think of it as helping you with the information and iaeas I come across, and as a way of holding me accountable because I’ll need it.

My inner Princess does not like this plan, especially the part about doing the Pre-Go (more on that later). She likes to think of us as creative and not easily tamed by conventional rules or schedules. (Yes, she is pretty sassy) She’s right for the most part but to build the future I want I must yield. Sigh.

I think of myself as your devoted Sherpa on this journey to creating an ideal lawyer lifestyle. (#ideallawyerlife) I teach and serve best when we collaborate over the learning. You asking questions, sharing ideas or problems. Me, I investing my time and energy to curate the best information, tools and experts. Yet, also very much the student learning how to use all this lovely technology and keep the connection and rapport that my trademark. We are learning together.

Together, we grow very sustainable, profitable law businesses. What do you say, you in?!

I’m eager to turn part of my operations over to a virtual assistant, one of the essential teammates. If we nail this now during the summer, think how much we can enjoy the holidays and first quarter. Fun, huh. If you want to go deeper with this and give your input, you’re welcome to be part of my Research & Development Crew, simply join my Club- it’s free

Here’s how the journey will start

Normally, I like to walk into the shallow end first. You know, give articles on using G Suites and Google Drive for storage as context and background learning. But that would stalling. Instead you’ll find resources like this in my Club. Self-awareness is a good thing! #EQstrong I know what tempting ideas Princess conjures up to distract me. Bless her heart. She’s only trying to protect me, just like your resistance is there to protect you. Sometimes it’s needed, most times it’s not.

Why am I reading the Guide, after all it’s Google. Becoming what I call a ‘power user’, someone who can easily access and make use of the entire array of software offerings, is the key to maximizing the value from the purchase. Too often we buy a new brand of software when all we really need to do is learn the tool we have more thoroughly.

What’s in store?

Fun. My intention is for you to learn, apply & have fun doing it. No mistakes, just learning opportunities and data. I’ll share my thoughts and question (yours too if you write to me) and answers with you. I’ll share strategy. Have you noticed how often gurus will tell you what to do but not help you connect the action with the strategy, why am I doing this way or that.

Of course, I’ll share tools. I started this post now because I’m beginning to test Power Tools, a Chrome extension that makes creating visual workflows a dream. Imagine not having to explain everything all over again to the next legal assistant? You simply give her access to that workspace and the files. (And lock out the old one). Easy peasy.

If you’re in for the ride, let me know in the comments (so I know how many champagne glasses to virtually bring)

PS Don’t miss Friday 7/14 on the blog when our The Speaker Says Series kicks off with Marc W. Halpert, E-Payment & Linkedin expert will share how you can get paid faster.


Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of OutsourceEasier.com, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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