A sneeze changed my life.

My husband lost his job days before we bought our first house together. He was distraught but I was overjoyed! I knew how much talent he possessed and how much money he earned for his company, which had just been acquired. It took a while but I convinced him to start his own business. He became a reluctant entrepreneur.

Within 5 years we were living the entrepreneurial dream that many seek- freedom, flexibility, location independence and money. My business was in 6 figures while my husbands business skyrocketed to a million dollars. It was one of those golden moments when life is carefree and happy. Until it wasn’t.

One night around 1 am my husband held in his sneeze. The force ruptured L4, L5 and smashed his nerve sac at the bottom of his spine. The surgeon said those ‘TV medicine’ words: if we don’t operate in 90 minutes your husband will be paralyzed.

I made the decision to proceed in the cold, wee hours of the morning. After a 3 hour surgery then a two years of recover, my husband was fine. His business died one week after surgery.

Outsourcing will leverage your time but the true value is will protect your family’s financial health

The big mistake my husband made was that he didn’t see himself as a business, but rather a person who had a business. It didn’t occur to him to set up systems so that someone else could also run the business, even though he was making hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There was no client list, list of outstanding projects or an available contact list. I couldn’t help at all. What a hard way to learn what happens when you are the bottleneck in your business.

His major corporate clients (who loved how quickly he could turn work around and how affordable his services were) dumped him immediately. Why? He became unreliable in their eyes. Of course, they felt sorry, but the damage was done. It took years to win back their trust and some of the business.  And that wasn’t the only thing damaged. We divorced.  Your family suffers when there’s no plan.

Have you taken steps in your business to ‘get your biz out of your head’? I’m not talking about a business plan, which is also good to develop. I mean an operational plan- the steps you take to keep your business running and meet client needs.

My story is the reason why I’m so passionate about getting solopreneurs like you to embrace outsourcing and delegation. I want to share my strategies for leveraging your time and creating operating and delegation systems that protect you, your business and most importantly, your family.


What do I do all day?

An operating plan sounds so formal. Really, it’s just a document that outlines how you do your business. You can hand it over to a qualified teammate, maybe your online business manager or virtual assistant, and she can help you manage your business. You get to focus on the fun part knowing that your business is organized and productive.

Of course after my experiences, I began to create an operating plan for my business. Better safe than sorry. I puzzled over what to include in my manual and how to approach the project.

Writing the straight facts- do this, then this, not that- seemed so boring. I barely wanted to write it much less imagine someone else wanted to read the dry notes. Then I hit on the best approach- storytelling.

Every entrepreneur I know started their business for a reason and have a message to share or change they want to see in the world. Why not drive my operating manual with stories which I call Legends?

Write your Business Origin Legend

Legend- don’t you just love the sound of that word? I do because legends tend to be iconic and make lasting change. I like to think our businesses will do the same.

Just like any other great story, your Business Origin Legend has a beginning, possibly a middle depending on where you are in your entrepreneurial journey and a destination your aiming towards (but not an ending). You read a bit of my biz legend above.


Your Business Origin Legend is important because you:

  • Refine your biz ideas by reflecting more deeply on them
  • Organize your biz and identify areas of improvement
  • Incorporate your emotions and values so they don’t get lost
  • Facilitate on-boarding your teammates faster and with greater understanding
  • Reshape your business to your exact needs and liking

***Ready to get started?  Click here to get my worksheet, 10 Tips to Write an Awesome Business Legend




Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of OutsourceEasier.com, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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