My passion is helping lawyers create the law practice that fits the life you desire, earns you more and practically runs itself. Dina Lynch Eisenberg

My purpose is to give people power through knowledge. I went to law school because I saw first-hand in my family that how knowing even a little more meant doing a whole lot better. Now, I work with fellow attorneys to give you the power and tools to create a better law experience for yourself and your clients. (Happy lawyer, happy clients).

I founded as the cherry on the top of a very successful corporate and academic teaching career that included consulting to Fortune 500 ranked companies as well as being a guest lecturer at Harvard University Law School.

I have a big personality and sense of humor. People who take their work seriously, but not themselves, get along famously with me. I’m a positive, happy person who is able to hold a lot of hope (good for when you are doubtful).

The law is changing-thank goodness
I’m excited to be part of a movement that is reshaping the way law gets practiced.

You should know that….

I believe that law school didn’t prepare you to run a business or lead a team. Thank goodness, I can help you fix that.

I believe your law practice is a business that needs to deliver on a triple bottom line:

  • Do good for the world
  • Do well financially
  • Do right by you & your family

I believe that asking for help is a gift you can give to someone else and to yourself. Lawyers need to learn how to ask for help and do it more.

I believe you get to decide.

Because with the same grit, determination and intentionality that got you through law school, you can design a business that you love (which is sustainable and profitable). I’ve done it again and again in my professional and personal life.

If you want to move forward and grow your law practice as a solo or small firm lawyer, I can give you the knowledge to automate & outsource, to release past mistakes and obstacles (including yourself) and build an income stream that protects you.

How did I get to be an Onboarding Strategist?

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I’m based in beautiful Oakland with my two funny fur interns, Rodney & Cooper. I often travel home to the east coast to visit the best children who live in the best city in the world, NYC! Catch me on Pinterest and Instagram for food talk about ramen, craft beer, hot new eats and O-town!

Speaker Bio

Dina Eisenberg, JD, known as the Outsourcing & Onboarding Queen,  teaches the mindset and mechanics of delegation to solo and small firm lawyers who want to scale and design a law practice that fits the life they desire. Dina shares her knowledge and insights about how to train your legal staff and have a perfect paralegal in her signature program, the Unstoppable Lawyer Playbook

What colleagues say about Dina Eisenberg…

Having come to know Dina through seminars we’ve presented together and through professional associations, I wholeheartedly recommend her as someone on the leading edge of both conflict resolution and professional marketing. Dina proved her savvy by launching a series of her own successful enterprises — earning national recognition along the way. Robert Ambrogi, Esq.

Dina’s enthusiasm for and commitment to advancing the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution is amazing. It’s pioneers like Dina who are the cutting edge in advancing our field, and mediators and ADR professionals look to her as their beacon in developing both their practices and their skills. Diana Mercer, Esq. CEO of Peace Talks Mediation, Make Mine a Million Business Award winner

I have known Dina for over ten years and she is one of the people I admire most in the dispute resolution field. Dina’s outstanding intuition, creativity, and business-sense, superior knowledge, judgment, and breadth of experience, combined with her engaging and delightful personality make working with her in any capacity an amazing experience. Moshe Cohen, The Negotiating Table

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