Attracting law clients and retaining the clients you have is a full-time occupation for solo and small law firm lawyers these days according to the 2017 Thomson Reuters Legal Trend Report.

Face it. If you’re not out networking and building relationships to attract new clients, then you are thinking (read: worrying) about not networking and business-building enough.

Running a law business is toug
h. Especially now when the field is on the verge of such large-scale transformation around the delivery of legal services and defining who is eligible to solve legal problems. The traditional way of being a lawyer is evolving.

Why not let the way you attract and select your law clients to evolve, too?

What is an Ideal Client

thumbs upYou probably know the concept of an ideal client from the marketing world. Small businesses seek to attract their ideal client, which is defined as

‘a client who matches the criteria you set for a desirable client’.

Your law practice is a small business
, and therefore, needs to have an ideal client profile. Why?

Marketing to an ideal market is a lot more cost-effective and efficient than the general, firehose marketing approach most lawyers use to attract clients to their law practice.

When you are talking to everyone, I can assure you no one is listening

Imagine Billy who is yelling for his mom in a crowded mall. The mall is crawling with moms, right. He has the potential to reach many moms, however, only one mom will answer his cries, and that’s because she recognizes his voice. It resonates with her.

You’re Billy in a crowded practice area like family law. You can yell about your practice areas and hope that resonates with someone. Or, you can hone in on one specific message using the words and voice that your ideal client wants to hear.

You can craft that an irresistible message by identifying then studying your ideal best client. (We’ll talk about what the best client is in another post because it is the missing piece to lawyer satisfaction)

The benefits of knowing your Ideal Best Client

1. Accurate demographic and psychographic data to pinpoint client interests, needs, concerns and attitudes

2. A well-crafted, compelling marketing message that resonates

3. Better alignment with client goals and interests lead to faster, better decision-making

4. Better insights into how to persuade and guide your client

5. Easier conversions from prospect to client because the messaging does most of the work.

6. More psychic pay because you are serving the client that serves your larger purpose for going to law school.

7. Less stress because your ideal client wants your services

8. More income and referrals because clients see you as their trusted advisor and feel loyalty to you.

Really, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The sky is the limit for happiness when you design your law practice to fit you, including the clients.


Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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