Anyone remember Paul Simon and 50 Ways to Leave A Lover.  I was going for that. Songwriting is definitely not my thing. Luckily outsourcing is.  I present to you 40 ways to break up with your long to-do list.  Ok, that stinks but I tried.

Already delegating? You’ll love this list because it will give you additional projects you might not have considered before.You’d be surprised what you can outsource including a personal chef to keep you eating healthy through your launch.   There’s nothing like ending a long day with a scrumptious meal and  an almond cake with raspberry sauce dessert that you did not cook that feels decadent.  It’s actually self-care.

Outsourcing helps you save time, save money and can even be a profit-center if you do it right. (Hint: most solopreneurs are doing it wrong. :/)  You know the statistic about most businesses failing within the first five years. Did you ever ask  yourself why?  Some fail due to undercapitalization.  Just not enough money.  But honestly, I think most businesses die because the owner runs out of self-esteem.  With every pivot or dropped project you love and trust yourself a little less until running a business seems impossible, frustrating and overwhelming. You feel trapped.  Outsourcing gives you the key to accomplish whatever you can dream up.  Really.

Ok here’s the list. I’ll shut up about outsourcing for now. 🙂

40 Projects to Delegate


  1. your bio
  2. your marketing message
  3. personal interview to showcase your expertise
  4. sales copywriting
  5. email nurture sequence
  6. service or product descriptions
  7. video script
  8. write your tweets

Financial Team (bookkeeper, tax preparer, financial advisor)

  1. Set up online accounting program like Xero
  2. Balance your books
  3. Prepare tax returns
  4. Create monthly financial reports
  5. Create financial projections for loans for purchases
  6. Long term planning strategy
  7. Video tutorial on navigating your software
  8. Fix set up issues with software


  1. Draft contracts: service agreement, independent contractor agreement, partnership agreement
  2. Create custom terms and conditions
  3. Create your business entity, i.e. LLC, S corp
  4. Secure protections i.e. copyright, trademarks quickly
  5. Networking introductionNnegotiate lease
  6. Review contracts before you sign
  7. Answer simple questions

Virtual Assistant

  1. Administrative project
  2. Keyword search for your website
  3. Research influencers in your niche
  4. Contact bloggers and organization for speaking opportunities
  5. Follow up with paid clients and lost prospectsS
  6. Social media content & posting
  7. Create branded graphics
  8. Promote your events

Web Person

  1. create your website
  2. install theme or software like WordPress or Facebook pixel
  3. set up your shopping cart & connect with SSL
  4. SEO and traffic growth
  5. update plugin & themes
  6. Test shopping cart
  7. restore backup
  8. Combat the spinning beach ball

This is a great starter list but certainly not meant to be comprehensive. I discover new things to delegate daily. 🙂 Feel free to delegate from this list until your own develops more.



Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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