Lawyers like to know. We like to know what’s going on around us. So, it might seem shocking that there are 3 things about delegation that you don’t know or misunderstand, Lawyer.

Let me help you out because success in #newlaw relies on your ability to be collaborative and productive. Lest, you get left behind.

You won’t run out of money

Many lawyers are afraid of delegating because they worry about having the money to pay for their talent (that’s what I call freelancers). I understand that. It would be an awkward situation to hire someone and then have to immediately fire them.

The beauty of delegation is that you are in control of how much you spend and when you engage your talent. For instance, when I first got on Pinterest I had no idea how to set it up or use it effectively.

Delegating the set up to a Pinterest expert was definitely the right way to go. Dee, an independent contractor, created beautiful boards for me, organized my content and set me up on Tailwind (scheduling tool for Pinterest and Instagram). Honestly, it would’ve taken me weeks and a lot of worries to do it myself. Dee was well worth the investment. After she was done, we ended the 3-month engagement. No hard feelings. We stay in touch because she’s a) wonderful and b) understands my Pinterest needs.

Use short term engagements if you worry about cash flow. The Talent I know are business owners who will understand that without judging you.

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You won’t get scammed

You’re a lawyer. You are highly skeptical…of EVERYTHING. You walk into a situation thinking how could this person take advantage of me.  Recently, I had an opportunity to invite someone to be part of a national conference. Great exposure most people would jump at, right?

Not this lawyer who doubted and questions so much that I began to feel sorry that I’d wanted to help her. She made me feel like I was untrustworthy because I didn’t have every detail that organizers were still working out. She’s known me for a year and still didn’t feel like she could trust me. She lost out because she was so skeptical.

You will absolutely lose out on the best talent if you take that approach when delegating. Delegation is a form of relationship-building.

Use outsourcing marketplaces until you can build your level of trust in yourself and the platform. Yeah, I said YOURSELF. You are really doubting your ability to select trustworthy talent when you are so skeptical. That feels bad to you and to your potential talent. How do you feel when cllients do that to you?

You won’t seem mean if you ask for what you want

Lawyers really don’t like to be vulnerable. Expressing your need for help is right there on the tippy top of the ‘I hate when that happens’ list, right?

We aim to please as lawyers. After all, if the client isn’t happy we might not get referrals or we might get a bar complaint. I’ve noticed that my women clients shy away from being direct about their desires. There’s an assumption that people will know what you want. They won’t. Most of us don’t have a mind-reading license’.

You have to be clear and direct in explaining your needs and expectations, which for some, is pretty tough. Hence, the resistance to delegate. If that describes you, keep reading.

Delegation is a great tool for personal development. You will learn to more organized about what end results you are looking for. Your emotional intelligence skills grow because you’ll learn how to build rapport and give constructive, effective feedback. Two things are very important to building great client relationships, by the way.

What else don’t you know?

Are you wondering what I’m wondering? What else don’t you know that’s preventing you from getting the benefits of delegation? If you’re curious, or want to prove you already know everything, I invite you to register for my free masterclass. We plan to cover a variety of questions about delegation, automation, and outsourcing. Why? Because it’s good to know.


Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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