Every entrepreneur I know fears their email. Our business lives and dies by email. There is constant terror about missing that important email that will:

    cement the big account

    be a glowing referral

    lead to a new clients

Or amazing visibility…I lost my chance to be on Good Morning America because I didn’t check my email before leaving on a long weekend. Yikes. Clearly, email is powerful because it can so easily influence our emotions. Elated by a thank-you note from one client. Next, dejected by the email that tells us we lost a subscriber and our open rate is low. Email eats a lot of your energy.

You are addicted to email

Yet, entrepreneurs are addicted to email sneaking peeks whenever we can. Even Erin Cobb, a contestant on the Partner, couldn’t stop checking his email while he was ON the show.

Studies show that as consumers we check email throughout the day, with some checking up to 150 times. That’s a lot of energy and interest that could be diverted into money-making activities, don’t you think?

Managing email is especially problematic for professionals who are public-facing like realtors, mortgage brokers, plumbers and electricians. People find them online and email instead of call. These pros are on the go. There might be an opportunity to read email but not to respond in any meaningful way throughout the day.

I’ve emailed tradesmen for their availability and gotten crickets. Doesn’t leave a great impression and is totally avoidable. How can you expect a client to trust you to find them a house, mortgage or fix that leak if the client can’t trust that you’ll email back within a reasonable amount of time.

And, we haven’t even touched on the clutter cave that calls itself your inbox. Who else hoards old email because, well, you never know when you’ll need them??? (raises hand sheepishly)

Death by email stress has got to stop!
I’m working on a MasterGuide for outsourcing email now (there’s a lot to take into consideration so I’m making you a resource) While that percolates here are three tools you can use today to start organizing and streamlining your email.

How many hours could you put back into your day if someone else was responding to and managing your email? You can easily reclaim 5-10 hours- a full day!!

How to Tame your Email until help arrives

If you are overwhelmed by too many newsletter subscriptions and get a ton of promotional mail, say hello to my friends, Mailstrom and Unroll.me

Mailstrom will help you eliminate clutter with a few very satisfying clicks. Mailstrom uploads all your email overnight, sorts it, then gives you options on what to do with the email like Archive, delete, unsubscribe, block and chill (love this one= it returns emails to the inbox later so convenient for following up) Mailstrom is a pay option that has a free trial.

Unroll.me is very simple. Unroll scans your email looking for your subscriptions. Takes a couple of minutes. I had 242 in case you’re curious. 🙂

Then, Unroll will unsubscribe you from email subscriptions without the bells and whistles of Mailstrom. What I find cool about Unroll.me is that in addition to unsubbing you it will create a summary of the other subscriptions. No more digging around for your favorite newsletters- hooray! I love that it unsubs me from lists where normally I’d have to login to change. It took five minutes to get rid of 61 newsletters.

Boomerang is my favorite when I want to pre-schedule emails. You know it’s late but you want to draft emails to go out tomorrow. Write them and schedule with Boomerang. No one has to know you were writing emails at 11:30 pm. Boomerang is great for staying in touch with clients, too. Assign homework then boomerang that bad boy for two weeks for a check-in. Organized and automated, nice.

How do you see yourself using these tools to lift the burden of email?