Head cocked and alert, something doesn’t seem right. You’re a skeptic.

Will this work?  How likely is it this will be any good? You wonder, as your lips form a thin line.

You’re a lawyer.  It’s your job to stomp out problems, quickly and efficiently.

You doubt because that small whiny voice in the back of your head says, 

  • Is it a pipedream to have a sustainable, profitable law firm that fits me?
  • Can I grow my firm quickly by simply training my staff better?
  • I’ve watched YouTube legal marketing videos. I’ve gone to the free webinars and done the CLEs.   
  • Hard to believe that this event will get me actual results.

I get it.  You’re afraid.

Afraid to let down your mask, be hopeful and let yourself fully commit to intentionally building the law practice and life you want.  

  • What will it say about me if I succeed but don’t like what I made?
  • What will people say about me if you fail?
  • Is it even possible to run a law practice that lets me live?

The life and practice that you really want are a step stool away on the high shelf of someday, just out of reach. 

Sure, it’s super scary to climb onto the top step of the stool of life then stretch on your tiptoes to reach.  

But the beautiful feelings of satisfaction, gratitude, elation, and pride when you reach the goal make it all worthwhile.

Nothing changes unless you do.

Focus on what you want-literally. Show gratitude for the parts of the vision you have. Work steadily to achieve it. Baby steps

What I know for sure is this: Accept the challenge to open up to risk and keep the faith, you will be rewarded with so much more than you expect. You grow powerful!

Sign up for Law Firm Growth Summit! Buy the Access Pass ado what’s necessary to use those knowledge bombs to grow your law practice. I promise you will be changed. All it takes is ONE new idea to skyrocket you to the next level of success.

Be inspired by the quality of people you’ll find in the #LFGS Facebook group community. They are lawyers who want more, just like you. Make lasting connections and friendships keep you on track.

Draw strength and courage from speakers who have been in your shoes, in the field for decades and are gladly sharing their knowledge and strategies with you. If they can do it, so can you!

Build your bottom line based on the financial and marketing strategies shared by the experts. Keep more money by attending The Profit First session!

Imagine how good is it gonna feel when you’re living the way you intended!  You’ll have to pinch yourself!

I know I had to pinch myself several times as I achieved one of my personal goals-creating my dream home.  I took a foreclosed house complete with squatters and transformed her into a beauty that demanded the first million-dollar sale in my neighborhood. 

Here’s the thing, though.  Someone will be offended but I have to say it.

Stop sabotaging yourself

You’re self-sabotaging if you attend the Summit but don’t buy the Access. Pass.

Harsh, yes but sadly, true.  You sare setting yourself up for failure without a Pass. Let me explain.  

You attend a session or two at the Summit.  You get really excited – the ideas are popping! Taking notes and making plans. That excitement, hopefulness, and determination last until the first urgent email shows up or a court date changes or name-your-situation.

Then, you’re back where you started. Or, a little worse since you know what’s possible and decided not to take the risk of being successful.  Ouch. Disappoint yourself much?

How about skipping that?  Buy the Access Pass. Give yourself a real opportunity to understand and apply the knowledge offered.

Invest that in your Access Pass and enjoy so many more nights out without a care in the world because your practice runs smoothly without you!

It’s wasteful not to make use of free information. I decided to offer you…an ethical bribe!

Purchase your Access Pass and forward a copy of the receipt to me.  I will then enroll you in my exclusive BONUS workshop.  

You’ll learn how to extract all the juicy knowledge without having to spend your time by using automation.

You’ll get answers to all your paralegal and staff questions

And a couple more surprises!!

If you know deep inside, in your heart of hearts, that you want something different than the practice you have now,  take the next baby step.

Register for Law Firm Growth Summit and Buy your Pass!

Make Life Easier.

PS Be sure to come to my session: Find the Right Paralegal to Grow your Law Firm, Even if You’ve Struck Out Before!


Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of OutsourceEasier.com, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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